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Hawaii Spa

3110 Kingston Road, Unit 7, Scarborough, ON, Canada

At Hawaii Health Spa in Scarborough (MacCowan / Kingston), we offer a wide variety of spa services including massages and body treatments.We also offer spa packages, specifically created to cater to a variety of needs. Find descriptions and prices below, or indulge yourself.We are specialized in helping to reduce the Sore Neck,Back Pain,Headache,Insomnia.

At Hawaii Health Spa,each therapeutic massage is customized to your specific needs. Each therapist has the training and intuition to customize a massage based on your specific needs, and wants you to leave feeling remarkably relaxed and renewed.

Massages Therapy

Specifically customized, this deep tissue massage targets your body areas of concern. A variety of therapeutic techniques are combined to ensure stress-related tenderness is immediately relieved and alleviated.This focused massage brings welcomed relief to sore muscles, knots and painful tightening that can accompany physical activity, repetitive movements and daily stress. Helps break down knots, aids in recovery and restores.

Aromatherapy massage

Essential oil has unique healing properties to sooth, cleanse and energize the body. Aromatherapy massage relaxes the muscles and detoxifies the body while improving emotional related conditions such as headaches and stress.

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