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Tiffany Banks

Tour of The Greek Isles

It has been a while since I have taken the initiative and motivate myself to find the time to write a review however after a very unique experience I had with Miss Tiffany Banks I wanted share this.I know there have been great reviews on her already however I wanted to add this one to the mix. This was my first visit with Tiffany and I was blown away.

Booking was done very easily, confirmed time and location – no problem. In our confirming she asked me if I had any special request (this is a question I don’t get very often) so I requested she be in some sexy lingerie with garters, etc. As well, opted for a tour of the Greek islands.

On arrival – got the go ahead and went on up. When I arrived at the door she opened it up and WOW – when I laid my eyes on this beauty behind the door what a site to behold! A sexy, gorgeous, fit women looking absolutely fantastic in the lingerie with sexy high heel shoes. Super hot!! I was greeted with a very sensual kiss on the lips but I could not pull away which basically went in to DFK in the hall way. As she led me to the bedroom I admired her sexy strut in those high heels and got a wonderful view of her great ass! OMG!

Once in the bedroom we kissed some more then she got the shower going for me. Once out of the shower and back into the bedroom she asked what I liked and I said I was pretty open and she smiled and said she bought a new toy she wanted to try out later on. Let me say the session started as a GFE that turned in to a PSE in a blink of an eye. This woman is very sexual and knows how to go with the flow which is what I like. I found being with her easy and very natural.

The buildup to the tour was great featuring a fantastic BBBJ with some DT, spit, along with some great ball sucking and dirty talk WOW! She has got amazing skills in his regard. Following that had some wonderful , DATY and DATO! Her pussy was so sweet and tasty and when I partook in some DATO she got even wetter and moaned like crazy. She then said “I want to sit on your face!” So we positioned ourselves in a 69 and as she sat down on my face I tongue fucked her deep in her pussy and then when I stuck my tongue in her deep in her ass things got even hotter. While in this position, I was intensely going back and forth tongue fucking her ass and pussy while she was giving me an awesome BBBJ.

She then said, “I want to fuck you now how do you want to start in my pussy or ass?” I responded, “I want to start in your pussy and then finish in your lovely ass.” Tiffany was only too happy to oblige. I am rock hard at this point and I was determined to going to keep myself going as long as possible. Tiffany has a unique skill set as she put the condom in her mouth first and then put it on my cock with her mouth effortlessly (I love it when the condom is applied like this). Out came the lube she applied in on my covered dick, her pussy and ass. As I lay down she eased her hot pussy all the way down on my cock and we were off. She felt amazing! While she was one top we were slowing down and then speeding up it felt great and she bent down for some more DFK and I had fantastic view of her tits and my cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. While fucking her pussy I reached around and took my finger and eased it in her ass and she was even more turned on by this. Now the deeper I put my finger in her ass she was even more engaged and got me even hotter. I was insanely turned on at this point.

I said “I want your ass!” Now I have toured the Greek isles before but never experienced what was about to come…

As I mentioned earlier she wanted some toys and was dying to try a new toy. She got a vibrator out for her clit and the new toy a vibrating dildo for her pussy out that was fully charged. Now Tiffany moves from position to position very naturally! She laid on her back had her legs in spread eagle and directed my cock into her tight ass and boy it felt great however little did I know it was going to get better. By the way this girl is extremely flexible as I pressed down on her legs with my hands to spread her wider the view of my dick going in and out of her ass turned me on like crazy. Now in this position she got a vibrator and put it on her clit! This was very cool, as I was in her ass I could feel the vibration on my cock – it was amazing! This went on for a while and I felt myself ready to pop so I had to take some deep breaths as I wanted to keep this going as long as possible.

Then I said, “I want you to put the other dildo in your pussy now.” With my cock still in her ass she lifted her left leg over and she positioned herself on her side and turned the vibrating dildo on full and positioned it in her pussy and together the vibrator on her clit and me fucking her ass – she went nuts! (We both did!) Now the sensation I felt earlier when she had just the vibrator on her clit was NOTHING IN COMPARISION TO THIS – HOLLY SHIT! The vibration on my dick was crazy – it felt incredible! I completely lost myself in the moment – it was sensational! I don’t know what words to use to describe it but the feeling was so intense for both of us and the vibration on my dick inside her ass was utterly amazing – I then continued to fuck her ass faster and harder as she had the dildo in her pussy and the vibrator angled on her clit and then she screams out in ecstasy as she had a hugely intense orgasm WOW – she is looked awesome! Now it was my turn, as I was on the edge the whole time and she said “fuck me harder” so I did and while I was deep in her ass I blew a massive load – it was a very, very intense awesome orgasm! My mind is still a blur when I think about this.

At this point both of us were sweating and as I leaned down and DFK’d her she said don’t mind the tears in my eyes as they tear up whenever I have intense orgasms! My God this women is incredible!

We both lay together on the bed for a few minutes. She got up we had a deep kiss she took the cover off and cleaned me up and then we enjoyed a brief conversation. In addition, to being gorgeous she is also down to earth, smart and witty. As we had gone over our time I mustered the strength to hop in shower and then get dressed.

We had a nice DFK before I left. She is a gem boys! Treat her well, be nice and respectful!

Repeat? I think you already know the answer!

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The Perfect Afternoon Snack

Not a frequent poster but every once in a while come across something or somebody that I feel is worthwhile sharing.

Woke up this morning with an itch I knew I’d have to scratch. I tend to be a last minute kind of guy – which sometimes works against me. After some very easy back & forth I was off to see her. She is conveniently located (for me) in a high-end condo in the Bayview/Sheppard area. At her request I picked up some white wine (she prefers French or Italian) and was soon knocking on her door. She was tastefully dressed in an elegant black dress with black stockings – beautiful!! I found her face much more beautiful then what one can glean from the pictures on her ad. As for her body – what can I say – it makes one believe that women are truly G-d’s gift to man. Slim with enormous breasts and a beautiful ass – you just want to hold on for dear life.

We started with some small talk to get to know each other. She is fluent in three languages and pursuing a University degree. She seemed genuinely interested in me and my varied interests. And while the talk was stimulating, I was there quite frankly to stimulate other parts of my brain and body. We began with some long, slow, passionate kissing. Her lips are full, soft and perfect for heavy duty make-out sessions. As much as I was comfortable just kissing, we were soon in the bedroom with our clothes thrown in a pile on the floor. As I said, her body is flawless and I felt privileged to have the opportunity to worship every part of it. It is not my style to provide a graphic description of our session – but I left totally drained, satisfied and exhausted. Watching her in the mirror ride me and then later squatting over me and pumping up and down – words are honestly not enough.

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Wet Dream !!!

Tiffany and I had been trying for months to get together but our schedules never
meshed plus the fact that many a time she was located DT which I hate to travel to
with a passion, especially this time of year, I tried to get a hold of her by pm one day a
few weeks later and she sent me back some very kind and complimentary words,
I new there and then I had to visit this lady one way of another if not for her beauty
but for her demeanor by txt. Finally we set a date. I asked her if I could be the first one
of her busy schedule and she accommodated me, BONUS, it was at the airport.
I arrived at the designated location on time and she promptly gave her room no.

I was a little nervous going up the elevator, don’t get me wrong, her pics are outstanding,
but most of you know how that goes sometimes. I knocked and she opened the door.
I was floored. Beautiful eyes and lips, her hair done up and wearing the outfit I had requested but what was underneath was gawd sent.
This woman has the body I dream of, very fit with big and beautiful mounds of pleasure. I was a little taken back to say the least. She’s better than her pics
She said its a pleasure to meet you finally and then planted a deep kiss on me. I was thinking, if the session is anything like this kiss ! Call The Medics !!
We talked a bit to get to know each other, and I was at ease immediately. Tiffany has disarming personality
I said to myself there’s nothing missing here.

Freshened up a bit and headed to the bed to join her, she immediately initiated our encounter with some very deep kissing,
yes DFK which went on for awhile and made the passion and sparks ignite, what we were about to engage in. I slowly helped her out
of her outfit, to expose her exquisite body. From her lips I slowly made my way down, stopping at every rest stop, I wanted to enjoy this and she encouraged me to do so.
I’m not going into details on this only to say she looked sort of bewildered after my tongue lashing and said
that’s not fair I came to quick. We then went into the fs and we both enjoyed ourselves again she had another big O.
It was so intense that I almost came in the condom which I rarely
rarely do. But I wanted Tiffany to finish me off orally. She then placed herself in a way
where I could admire her body and women-hood and slowly brought to an extreme ecstasy
so much so. that when awoke I thought it was a wet dream, but as she brought out the hot towel to clean me up (Nice touch) I realized this was all real.

After the session we cuddled and talked about various subjects but the kissing never stopped.

This woman is absolutely the real deal !!! Beautiful, Intelligent, passionate, engaging, and very Sexual.

If I was to rate her, the only I could say, Is that I was blown away.

Don’t miss out gentlemen The way I feel now, about our encounter ! I’d run to see her DT

BTW Thank you Tiffany, I look forward to seeing you again soon

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Ebony Amazon

the best ebony in the city is Tiffany Banks. She will rock your world and take care of your hard on!!

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