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The Vanesssa Experiance

Vancouver, BC, Canada

That very moment your gaze meets hers, your eyes lock.

Your first meeting? Second…third? No matter. The effect on you is the same. Being around Vanesssa envelops you with that intensity, warmth and anticipation. The same Anticipation that has built for hours, days, maybe even weeks.

She shares a seductive smile, and a soft kiss, warming you from the inside out, shooting electricity through your body. Your mind races on what to do. A night on the town? An evening in together? Dinner? Dessert? No matter where the night takes you, it will be unforgettable.

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In Calls, Out Calls
White , Canadian , Enhanced Breasts, D Cup , Brunette , In Calls, Out Calls, Escort , Independant Escort , Full Service , Brown Eyes
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