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Shannon From Roommates

Better Than Ever

I thought that Shannon was gorgeous facially and has a great spinner body. My gold standard blonde spinner was the retired Reese @ Select. I saw Reese eight times. I also thought Reese was stunning as well.

Shannon and Reese’s looks in my opinion are very comparable. Both have that California surfer girl look which I love.

Here are my Shannon ratings.

Face 9/10

Body 9/10

Service 8.5/10—More GFE which I was totally OK with. Whereas Reese was more PSE.

Personality 10/10


Anyway, I’ve seen Shannon a few times since then, and my sessions with Shannon keep getting better and better. I saw Shannon most recently this week and her body is more toned then ever. All my previous ratings of Shannon still stand.

What’s kind of happened is that the more times that I see Shannon, the better the rapport that we have. Shannon has become one of my ATF SP’s. I’m really glad that I’m a regular of hers.

I highly recommend Shannon to any hobbyist

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My Good Time

Booked a 30 min session with Shannon last week as I was DT on business. Booking with RM is always smooth and I got the first appointment of the day.

I’ve seen several other RM girls and Shannon was always on my TDL but our schedules never matched up. Made it to the location and got the buzz code on time. The door opened to a very pretty girl. She’s had numerous reviews previously so I’m not going to go into details. The photos don’t do her justice. Shannon has a terrific body with great manmade. Her looks are above GND. Great personality and friendly. I couldn’t get enough of her enhanced boobs.

Service was tops………great DFK, BBBJ, daty and digits. The prettiest kitty I’ve encountered. Went through CG, mish and finished in doggy. Couldn’t take my eyes off her butt in doggy!

Would recommend and repeat.

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Review of Shannon

Indulging in a ‘service’ been has fairly infrequent. From a distance I’ve casually had my eye on shannon for a while now. Finally had the opportunity to visit this special young lady recently. Booking the appointment was easy-breezy.

Make my way to the apt and shannon’s waiting for me and greets me with a big smile. I immediately begin popping in my jeans when I see her hot, sexy body in a pink-bikini and heels. Her body is simply . . . yummy. Beautifully shaped natural breasts, tapered waist and long shapely legs.

Somewhere between kissing, kissing and more kissing, I felt we connected off the bat. Time together felt fun and playful. the kicker is, she seems sweet and innocent, but once the clothes tear off, she turns into a sex crazed girlfriend. Easing into the session, shannon offered a shower while making herself cozy in bed waiting for me. I got back to the bed and we start going at it. She L-O-V-E-S to kiss. Passionate DFK for a long time. Some DATY, lot’s of DIGITS, which seemed really into it, moaning louder, pussy getting wetter, pumping her pelvis harder etc. I started with one digit, but when I began double stuffing with 2 digits, that’s when her juices really started flowing. By this point she was soaked. Her pussy juice was literally running down over her ass cheeks. Moving on the BBBJ, shannon worked her magic from top to bottom. Nibbling my ears, lightly biting my neck, licking my nipples, slowing working her way down till her face was inches away from my throbbing cock. By now, I’m going gaga as I stand over her, looking down as she takes my cock into her sexy mouth. Licking and soaking my balls with saliva, she continues to tease (re: torture) me, kissing my inner thighs etc. At this point, I was almost ready to bust. Everything felt soooooooo good, I was dazed and confused what to do next. Without missing a beat, shannon gets up and jumps on top of me and begins fucking me CG. Deep, hard grinding all the way up and down my shaft. She starts talking dirty, telling me to squeeze her tits harder, all the meanwhile, she got amazing pussy muscle control. Literally squeezing my cock from the head practically all the way down to my balls. I was holding back my juice as long as I could. I tell her I’m going to cum, she immediately pops the lid and finishes me off with me exploding in her hot sexy mouth. I was so spent, I nearly passed out. Shannon jokingly asks if I wanted a redbull. I told her when my balls are drained and feel like concrete, what I really wanted was for her to light us a cigarette.

All-in-all, fab time all-the-way-around. My time with shannon felt natural which is a major turn-on for me. Nothing over the top, just a wholesome girl who genuinely enjoys herself, likes to have fun and absolutely loves sex.

LOOKS 8.5 wholesome, young, fresh blonde
PERSONALITY 9 easy, fun, goes with the flow
SERVICE 9.5 GFE steak – PSE sizzle

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Another Shannon Great Review

I have seen Shannon several times and she is always a solid 9. Pretty, sweet and a perfect tight little blonde frame. Awesome ass. Her service is exceptional and she knows her way around a guys libido. Real nice girl, pretty, hot and 10 level service. She is great at sucking cock and is always up for the match in any position. Takes me back to age 22 and university.

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