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Romina From Select Company


Almost gametime and went to the hotel lounge to grab some wine. On my way to the lounge, a beautiful and sexy lady is walking past. Took a shot and asked if she is Romina, she said yes and I knew it was going to be a great night. She is young, beautiful (and a Marilyn Monroe beauty mark on her cheek) and as described. We grabbed some wine and headed to the hotel room.

Coat off, call to the office and we sat down and chatted. Her physical description is accurate. Did I mention she is very attractive and sexy and smart?

We shared wine, chatted about eastern Europe, etc… Could have spent a long time chatting but with the clock ticking it was time for the next phase. She changed attire and we moved to the bed. She has real soft and smooth skin and enjoys being held and rubbed. her oral skills are great. JR was ready and she took control and took all of him in and gagged but did not stop. mouth, hands, the full effort. After 15 minutes of mutual enjoyment (she is clean and responsive and enjoys daty) we moved to the next phase. Cowgirl, doggy, doggy, rest, doggy. Romina is a treat. She enjoys herself and makes it a 2 way session.

Repeat, absolutely. She is a real sweetheart on the outside with a sexual hunger on the inside.

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Romina@Select Company

The Lowdown:

  • Age on site at 22 is probably close. My guess is that she is 23 or 24 (just based on our conversation).
  • Was wearing a bikini type outfit showcasing a pretty stellar body – really good shape – with her bum being the highlight
  • Couldn’t tell her boobs were fake until the bra came off – but, they looked very good – great shape and lovely nipples
  • We shared a little bit of wine together and chatted for a good little while – Romina is smart, funny, and very sweet
  • We got closer in the kitchen and caressed each other and kissed – very sweet, warm kisses
  • She suggested we move to the bedroom – where we continued DFK, as well as me kissing her all over her body
  • We moved between DATY and BBBJ a bit … some 69 and finally she asked if we could fuck
  • I wasn’t able to make her come, but she was very responsive, very wet, and appeared to enjoy our little oral session
  • She slid her pussy along the shaft of my bare cock for a bit – that’s always a huge turn-on for me
  • We went through a few different positions – however, my favourite was being able to watch, in the mirror, her beautiful bum grinding up and down on my cock
  • I finished in missionary – and then we sat on the bed, chatting, having some more wine
  • She made a great effort to provide me a GFE

In summary:

Face: 9 (Very pretty – dark Eastern European complexion)
Body: 9 (Great body – while I)
Personality: 9 (Made a real effort to connect in advance of the physical play)
Service: 8 (Full disclosure here – I had a great time and Romina was nothing short of wonderful with me. Typically, I see providers where it, at least, feels like a mutually enjoyable time – I had the slightest feeling that Romina wasn’t 100% into it – and that’s cool, it is a business transaction)
Repeat: Yes – I really enjoyed my time with Romina

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The Beautiful Romina

I was very fortunate to get to see the beautiful Romina again. The booking process with Select was very smooth and friendly.

I got to the door and she opens it and gives me a big smile and hug. She looked gorgeous in a sexy bra and panty outfit. Her body is perfect, breasts are fantastic and in proportion to the rest of her gorgeous curves. In fact I would say she is DDG, IMHO.

We had some friendly chitchat and exchanged a few hugs and kisses before I jumped in the shower. She seemed much more relaxed than our first visit, understandably. I was also much more relaxed. She is very nice to talk to, friendly, open and oh so nice to look at.

We proceeded to the bed where we engaged in some kissing which progressed to very nice, sensual LFK. I touched her all over and especially enjoyed her breasts and hot little pussy. She does have 2 or 3 piercings down there but they only seemed to enhance her pleasure and mine. She is very responsive to DATY and digits. I think she had several very nice Orgasms and got hotter and wetter as our session went on.

She looks and feels great in every position. Her cowgirl was very sexy, she did a lot of grinding against me and was upright at times and pressed against me at times. All of it was awesome. She gave me DFK and hand like my cum was diamonds, she wanted it so badly.

I highly recommend Romina. She might enjoy if you brought a nice, chilled bottle of dry white wine. She might even try some body shots with you. For me she is a definite repeat again and again.

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First…Huge Cudo’s to Select. I was not going to be available until 11PM due to a work function. They reached out to Romina and luckily she agreed to meet me a few hours after her shift was over.

At 11Pm there was a knock at my door and in walks a sexy and stunning Romina. I poured her a glass of wine and she excused herself to change into something a little more comfortable. Stocking and a sexy bra and pantie outfit. Needless to say, when she emerged I was instantly hard. There was not a lot of conversation as we went right into making out like high school kids…the kissing was great. Off came the cloths and the kissing continued. Then after a lot of 69, I pushed her back and buried my face until her back arched and she pushed my head away quivering. After some more BBBJ in various positions we put on the cover and started the main event. Numerous positions ended in a massive explosion that covered her face. At this point there was only about 10 mins left…she hopped into the shower and I ordered room service.


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