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Nadia From Mirage Entertainment

Some girls you just fall in love with

Saw Nadia yesterday, and what a delight! She is such a great kisser, looker, skillful, and with a bubbly personality! I just couldn’t help but fall in love! You always have to with at least some aspect of an SP to enjoy yourself, but I mean this was a no-brainer.

There are only a few I have fallen in love with like Nadia…

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Great Start

I had the good fortune to see Nadia of Mirage today. She is a tall, blonde vision of lovely sexiness. She greeted me at the door with a kiss and we proceeded to the bedroom where we rapidly progressed to DFK and touching each other in all the right places. After a bit more kissing, did I mention she is an all star kisser, OMG, lips, tongue, her entire mouth was all over mine, I began to work her lovely lingerie off. Starting with her breasts which she enjoyed, I worked my way down, kissing as I went. She has a very fit body, just soft enough in the right places and very responsive to all kinds of stimulation. When I got down to her pussy she was already hot and wet and I began to gently lick around her clit and pussy lips with one finger working inside her tight, hot pussy. She was very verbal about how much she enjoyed my technique and I didn’t ask but I think she may have had 2 or 3 or more orgasms.

She then returned the favour by going to work on me. Her kissing skills are awesome but BBBJ was even better. After about ten minutes of exquisite pleasure she asked if I was ready to fuck. She put the cover on and climbed on board in the most fantastic cowgirl, she was hot, wet, tight and very energetic in this position. I have only ever cum once in this position but she had me really close. We tried a few more positions which were all great but then I decided I really want to come and the best would be CIM. Ever the gentleman, I asked her and she said she would love it. Off came the cover and after about ten more minutes of superb mouthwork and some deft handwork, I shot a nice load into her mouth.

At 5’8″ I would guess she is about 130 for me her body is a 9, nice natural tits, beautiful ass, long slim legs, slender but curvy enough. Her face also a 9, gorgeous blonde hair framing a beautiful friendly smiling picture perfect face.

Service 10, she loves sex and is very, very good.

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From the moment I walked in the door, I was enchanted and in awe of a lovely lady who seduced me with her charming ways.
I was pleasantly surprised and she exceeded my expectations. She definitely has a PSE angelic flair about her.

She is a lithe leggy lass in high heels with a tight tush I just couldn’t take my hands off.
Watching her stroll across the room in high heels is a sight to behold in my memories for quite sometime. I love to watch her strut.

I have repeated a few times with her and have decided to share some details reluctantly.
I know she is hard to book and she definitely gets me harder.

She’s a passionate soulful kisser and divine lover. She really gets into the moment and is quite vocal.
She really rocked me hard in reverse cow girl. Almost made me bust a nut. But I held back wanting to take her from behind in doggy.
I held her heart shaped hips intensely as I pounded her juicy pussy.
Did I mention she tasted like juicy fruit as I made her cum with DATY.
She reciprocated with BLS that nearly blew my mind and my head.
Eventually I relinquished and climaxed overwhelmingly within her.
Fucking HOT indeed !!! MY.. my …my …my … she was worth the moment and more.
The memories linger looking into her mysterious eyes.
I enjoyed pleasing her as much as she enjoyed pleasing me. We shared some awesome and amazing chemistry that really heated up the room with burning desires. The embers still burn my dear and the flames will rekindle one day soon.

Please ONLY Gentlemen need acquire a moment of her divine loveliness.

She is quite the lady indeed.
Anyone who has already enjoyed her company knows exactly what I mean. If you know what I mean ……

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I had the opportunity to meet Nadia a few weeks ago when I was in Toronto. She’s a tall, slender blonde who is very pretty. Her pictures are accurate except that she had shorter hair though still past her shoulders. When she met me at the door wearing a black robe she didn’t offer a kiss or embrace, which had me worried a bit. Worrying about nothing as it turns out. We chatted for a minute or two and then I grabbed a shower.

When I returned to the room Nadia had removed her robe and was lying on the bed in a black bra and G-string. She had looked good at the door but now she looked amazing. I sat next to her and we started to chat again but it wasn’t too long before we started to kiss. Very nice with plenty of tongue action. I unhooked her bra to discover a pair of perky tits, not big but very appropriate to her figure. Before long she worked her way down to start a BBBJ. Nice suction, minimal hand action (which is the way I like it). I loved watching her sexy, G-string covered ass in the full length mirror while she worked on me. After a while we switched to a standing blowjob with her kneeling in front of the mirror. As much as I wanted to finish in her mouth I didn’t think it was going to happen (no knock on Nadia – it had already been a busy weekend for me). So we grabbed a condom and I entered her in missionary. She wrapped her legs tight around me and shared some intense DFK. It wasn’t too long before I had my SOG.

After a quick cleanup she went to grab us some water to hydrate and we started talking again. The conversation felt very natural and we shared a few storied and laughs. But it wasn’t too long before Nadia initiated round two. More kissing led to another BBBJ. But I really wanted to explore her gorgeous body so I stopped her and flipped her over for DATY. She has a very clean and tasty pussy with small labia. As gorgeous as the rest of her. I got to work and soon I had her motor revving, moaning softly, with quiet gasps of “Fuck” and “Oh my god”. (Not at all over the top though – seemed genuine.) I added digits which seemed to get her going even more. I stayed down there a long time because we were both enjoying it so much. When she got close I had to work to stay on her clit as her hips bucked around the bed. Finally she came hard. Some guys ask why we DATY. Well bringing a gorgeous young blonde to a big orgasm and then having her breathlessly compliment you afterwards is definitely worth it.

After a minute to recover she used her mouth to make sure I was hard again and then we got another condom. Standing doggie was a pleasure, both for the feel of her pussy as I pounded her and the view of her great ass. Then we moved to cowgirl. Lots of grinding, which I love, and kissing. We continued like this until time ran out, which Nadia informed me with disappointment in her voice. She said she’d failed me and that she felt greedy for the way the session had gone. What I liked was that she didn’t get off immediately. She continued to grind on my cock for at least another minute or two. I knew I wasn’t going to get there quickly enough so I finally indicated that she could hop off.

All together I had a great experience with Nadia. I would definitely recommend her and if I have the opportunity I would definitely be willing to repeat

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Nubile Nadia

Saw Nadia while I was in town for the holidays – love the quality of Mirage’s locations.

Not sure what previous comments about Nadia gaining weight were about. When the door opened I was greeted by an attractive, leggy, and fit blonde. I never saw Nadia v1.0, but v2.0 looked just fine to me. Curves in all the right places, toned where you’d expect her to be.

She seemed a little distant at first but that melted away immediately once we started talking. She’s just a very chill individual but warms up nicely. She seemed pretty straight up, which I liked. No acting or superficiality.

Standard acronyms applied. Lots of LFK and DFK basically from the second she tore my towel off. Great BBBJ technique, I rarely can finish with just oral alone but Nadia got me pretty damn close. First SP to do so and only second person ever.

Had to cool down with some DATY and light digits which she seemed to enjoy and was vocally appreciative of my efforts.

Popped on the dome and while I had intentions of some serious raunch, I didn’t expect Nadia to be so TIGHT!. Lasted about 2 positions in the most boring vanilla GFE ever before finishing CIMSW. We were so vanilla your grandma wouldn’t even blush… except for maybe Nadia’s enthusiasm while in doggy.

Defining Assets:
1. Lots of LFK, DFK. She is really complimentary and knows how to put you at ease.
2. She is leggy AND flexible!
3. Great BBBJ and CIMSW. Girl is not cum-shy at all.
4. That ass! If Terbites are complaining she gained weight, I, for one, am super happy she did. That ass looked amazing when taken from behind.
5. I’m surprised no one has mentioned how tight Nadia is (to me at least). I’m definitely not tiny, but I don’t consider myself huge either (despite Nadia’s flattery)

Actually saw her pussy grip my cock as we pounded it doggy style. A visual that is seared in my mind forever

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