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Miss Sophia Sinclair


So this is my first SP review because it is my first SP experience.

Setup was a lot easier than I thought. Because of my crazy work schedule I set days ahead and she was very accommodating even though I warned her that my day works around clients and can be hard to nail down exact times. Things went as planned and I arrived.

Parking is plenty and the location is easy to find.

Location was neat and clean.

I can't really tell you guys anything you don't already know about her. But I will say. I was a little worried about her accepting my reservation as I am close to her cutoff for age. What I can say that is that I don't know how old she is, and frankly I don't care. She is in great shape and I just hope that when the time comes I hope my woman is as tight as her. When I was greeted with some dfk I reached around and got a nice handful of a firm and round rump.

Things moved to the bed after she helped me undress. One thing I do what to make sure to point out is this ladies mouth knows a its way around a wang. I haven't had a BBBJ that good in ages. Something I am sure that comes with age.

After one shot we laid for a bit and she talked. She is of course as advertised, intelligent as she is sexy. She teased a little bit and woke up the little guy. Once he was stretched out and ready for some action we got down to some serious business.

I will say I asked for 45. Arrived early and left well past the 45 min mark. Not once did she watch the clock that was right by the bed, and she didn't rush me even though I asked for a quick shower afterward.

Her warm clothes technique is also a bit of a plus.

She is the real deal. I would recommend her to anyone as she is everything everyone has said she is.

Thank you SinfulSohpia for a successful first romp and thank you fellow Terbs for the great guidance.

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I read a few great reviews about Miss Sophia Sinclair and decided to see her. Made the call and got a warm sultry voice on the other side that asked a few questions of me to see that I am for real. Really just the normal sort of stuff that is to be expected.We set a date and time and i got there pretty simple. It is outside of the city but that has its advantages too and it is really easy to find....let me now say it was well worth the little bit of extra effort and i WILL do it again. Once in the door she welcomed my somewhat nervous self with a warm kiss like a true girlfriend will do pressing up against by body. She is an amazing kisser and I almost immediately felt at ease.**

Once showered I started taking in a little more and saw that she has a nice place that is well kept and neat. We moved to the living room that is open to the bedroom and started making out again this time her clothes disappeared somehow. For the life of me I cannot remember what it is that she had on but I can surely remember the beautiful body underneath the clothes. She has beautiful breast and nipples that responds to being touched and kissed and sucked. She started touching me all over and then went down on her knees giving me one of the best BBBJ i have ever had. She kept going moaning and pulling. After cleaning me off me into her, she really know what she is doing and pretty soon I offloaded with a big moan....like all the way CIM....

After cleaning me off she jumped on the bed and opened her legs all the way exposing a neatly shaved pussy that asked to be eaten. She laughed and joyfully pulled me onto her and we chatted and played around for a little while until i could no longer bear just knowing that I have to get down on her. She is super soft and clean and very responsive to the DATY. I also did digits which seemed to go down well and enjoyed. I gather she noticed that I was hard all over again and started playing with me again. Once she capped me in a very nice way with her mouth...fuck that was hot...she said "I want you inside me". She has a great pussy and I felt every inch of me moving inside her. She pulled me as deep as I could possible go an o boy was it good. At some point she rolled me over on my back and ripped off the cap and started going down on me again. This girl really knows her stuff. I was soon done and collapsed in bliss with her next to me stroking me and playfully chatting away.

I showered and when I was dressing we kept on chatting. She gave me another awesome kiss goodbye and when I strolled down to my car I said to myself that this experience will stay with me for a very long time....'

Had i not been travelling like crazy this time of the year i would be right back there already working on some more memories. I am coming back Miss Sophie Sinclair....that is a sure thing!!!

You are amazing!

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Review of Sophia

Got confused heading to her condo because of some strange duplicate addresses. Sophia was a patient and sweet pathfinder and arrived more or less on time. Buzzed into an attractive high rise building and headed to the penthouse floor. Door opened and I was confronted by a slender, very foxy lady in a silk robe with fuchsia print bra and panties peeking out. A smile, a peck on the cheek, followed by a, "you're a big boy" - I'm well over 6 feet! The modern condo is fairly stark in furnishings but what an incredible view! I presented her with a box of Belgian chocolates and excused myself to the shower for a quick rinse. When I emerged with towel in hand she took me by the hand and brought me into the bedroom next to the bed and in front of a large picture window that looked out over thirty kilometers of cityscape. No drapes. With a wicked smile, Sophia asked if I was bashful about being "visible" to anyone in the neighboring condos. I said I wanted to see all of her and only hoped the view wouldn't distract her. She then began running her hands down my chest.

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Sinful Sophia Sinclair

After too many false starts, I finally got to see the sinful Sophia Sinclair. All I can say is, I waited too long for this truly GFE experience, with a touch of PSE in all the right places...

Sophia is warm, uninhibited, gregarious and this is on top of being sensual, sexy and skilled in her trade. Her manner put me at ease immediately. As she put it ‘all holes were available’ but I only sampled her untranslated French to completion for our first of many [I hope] sessions. Natural breasts, proportional to her size, sweet lips and kitty all demanded my attention before, during and after the entrée. She had all the appropriate actions and sounds to make this fantasy union come alive for me. The warm towel appearing as if by magic to clean me up, reminiscent of the best of AMPs, added a Geisha flair to the session. Afterwards we chatted well past time and I felt no pressure to leave except my own courtesy.

Her reputation is well deserved. She should be on everyone’s TDL…

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