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Milla Annabella

The Great Milla

First off, I've read many of her positive reviews and found them to be true, her pics are real, she's a great & lovely person! IMHO, just stop reading and go book with her now!

Okay so on to the longer review... Booked with Milla several weeks ago and it was my first time seeing her. She was quick to respond and very professional. Booked 2 hours with Milla at her Airport location: a clean hotel and discrete.

Milla is tall, slender, and exotically gorgeous! Again just see her pics, all real, so what you see is what you get (WYSIWIG) Smooth soft skin, a sweet scent, wonderful tasting and incredible feeling inside & out. She has a fun and wonderful attitude that is genuine. Milla can be playful, sensual and mischievous.

Personally I like longer dates and while 2 hours was enough to get the "full Milla Annabella experience", I wanted the night to on much longer (and I think she did as well)

Repeat?: Is a Definite Yes! ..... repeat with Duo? Considering

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Review of Milla

Saw Milla for an hour solo. She is very pretty, and she is 100% sex. You're not there for the conversation. Great body and she smells/tastes great. Extremely responsive and finishes hard. Great kisser/great lips. In the middle of an athletic moment when her ankles were around my neck she said, "Do you want to shove that thing up my @%&?" That's not my jam, so I declined. But that should give you a pretty good idea what you're in for. Even afterward, she seemed obsessed with talking me into an island visit. Not sure I will, but I'll definitely visit her (and maybe a friend) again.

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Seduced By A Younger Woman

There are many positive reviews already about Milla but none that I have seen about her new duo partner Mena!

Late yesterday I was texting with Milla and told her that I would be in the area and if she was available, she said sure "come on over" When I got to her new Condo we were sharing a glass of wine (being her last appointment of the night) I heard the shower running in the bathroom I asked who was here she said my new duo partner Mena and she quickly asked if I wanted to do a duo. My first response was "no it's okay" but let me tell you the Head (top and bottom) did a quick 360 when out comes the sweetest looking girl with wet curly hair with "an Amazon type body" towel covering that sweet body!!! Milla introduced me as a "Very Good Friend"

The three of us started talking and I could sense for such a young lady this woman was oozing with natural sensuality The way she spoke, the body language was extremely sexy, Milla commented "you like my new friend" what could I say I put my arms around the lady and said "how could I not" and she reached over to me and gave me the hottest introductory kiss that I have experienced in a while!

Needless to say the three of us headed to the bedroom and it was easy to undress Mena we started DFKing pulling that tight young body towards me (so firm and tight) and with Milla on her knees taking care of my lower member I laid Mena down on the bed and started sliding down that sexy body as Milla traveled up to her upper body sucking her nipples and we started to make this sexy woman squirm in uncontrolled spasms of XTC.

The beauty of threesomes is as Mena was recovering the lovely Milla comes to me on the bed we start making out and Mena slides on over and taking care of my lower member oh so nice! The tables now turn with Milla laying on her back and the sexy Mena sucking on her now very hard nipples seeing Milla's hips arching upwards and is extremely vocal as she has her own orgasm was so incredibly hot!!

Mena gets off the bed leans that sweet body over pulling me to come and get her omg so sexy I started kissing the back of her neck her hips pushing back towards me as I am squeezing her, I slide on the dome lean this sexy woman over and took her from behind! Ether this woman is a tremendous actress (I really don't care) but she was loving it Milla comes over and Mena starts pressing her body against Milla as she is pulling me into her deeper and harder we both have an powerful organism, she lays flat on the bed and I flop on her back and Milla tumbles on me!! What an incredibly sexy woman what a hot experience!

Sorry for the lengthy review being a long time member and making some friends on the board (in person) I have often been criticized in fun for not being more of an active contributor on the board.

I take this time to thank the many reviews that have been written allowing me such great experiences!!

Here you go gentleman she is new, she is tight and she is willing to please!!!!

I am not going to do ratings gentleman but her menu is very open, treat her right and hopefully she will be with us for a while!

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