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Magic Mouth Max

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GreatYear End

I had the pleasure, and I mean PLEASURE of an hour with the well reviewed Magic Mouth Max. Trust me guys, I’ve been hobbying for many moons, and only two ladies have been totally magnificent experiences. Max is my third, and I won’t say yet she is my all time greatest, but if other visits measure up to today, she will be #1.

This girl loves sex and it shows! Visits take place in a beautiful new condo on the lake, and this petite firecracker provides an amazing PSE adventure. A definite treat and a definite repeat. I’m drained. Talk about balls dropping on New Years Eve, hope I have the energy to make it to midnight.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Review MMM

After several reviews elswhere, I had to see what all the fuss was about. Due to my own hesitation I had to wait a week to meet Max and the throbbing was well underway by the time the door opened. Max greeted me in a low key dress not to arouse any interest since we were in a public area. However, once the door was closed it was game on! This is an athletic, enthusiastic and erotic young woman that knows how to kiss and turn your crank. She may have been 5’3″ in heels, but once out of her clothes she was a dynamo of energy. I had to remind her I was there for brunch, I could breath through my ears and she could yell ‘uncle’ when she had enough. I’m pretty sure I found a good spot and the enjoyment was mutual considering our dripping wet condition. An explosive release followed a change in positions and a quiet conversation followed as we collected ourselves and cooled down. A thoroughly enjoyable experience that will be repeated in the future. My only suggestion is somebody find her a web designer and photographer to get her site up to speed. LOL Her site doesn’t come close to the what you’re about to enjoy.

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Marvelous Magic Mouth Max!

Another review of the amazing marvel – Max! The pleasure of a recent visit recently has me compelled to to join the chorus in celebrating this remarkable woman!

Time with Max is that perfect intersection of passion, sensuality, and sex . Max is a very real woman whose beauty is as captivating as her spirit is engaging. She has fueled my times with her with true connection and true enjoyment of all aspects of that connection. She matches every ounce of my passion. Our times together have combined smooth hot sensuality with raw burning sexuality, in a mix which has left me completely satisfied.

Met her most recently at her new place, which is wonderful – even easier to get to than her last spot. Comfortable and relaxed, the perfect spot to focus attention on one another. During that most recent visit, just like the ones before, Max not only delivered me each and every one of my desires, but she has introduced me to desires that I did not know I had! She gets true pleasure from pleasing and, as important, enjoys being pleased. Max pursues her orgasm just as energetically as she pursues mine – the formula for a great tryst, in my mind!

You will find lots of details in other wonderful reviews on this and other sources, so I will leave my review to this general endorsement of Max as a most lovely, steamy, sexy, companion!

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Magic Mouth Max - a must have experience!

When I got to the location, I was greeted by a gorgeous woman in stelletto heels, an amazing one piece dress who smiled and led me into the room. The place was well kept, clean and I had the first opportunity to meet her little pussy ;-). A beautiful cat who was a little shy, but eventually warmed up to me.

Max then invited me to take a shower which I happily accepted. The bathroom was just as clean and well kept as the rest of her place, fresh towels, mouthwash, everything you needed.

After taking care of the tribute, Max asked if we should get more comfortable, I mentioned that it had been ages since I had a lap dance, she was more than happy to oblige. Guys let’s just say that her skills are top notch. My little guys kept reaching up to try and touch, but she knew just how to tease and kept me wanting more!

Max proceeded to take that incredible mouth of hers and played with my nipples, I have to say her mouth truly is magic! She then decided to give the little guy the attention he was eurning for, and OMG what technique! I haven’t had a bbbj and DT like I had with Max! Since we were on the couch she motioned to the bedroom where I knew we would take things up a notch.

It was then I remembered something I had read about Max which I was curious and frankly a little embarrassed by. I decided to ask her but sensing there was some hesitation she looked me straight in the eyes, this is where I lost myself for a moment. For you Star Trek fans out there, if you know what a Betazoid is, then you’ll understand when I say that Max is able to read your mind! Her deep eyes are able to see what you’re thinking, and she makes you know there is nothing to fear when you are with her.

So surrendering to her, I admitted that I had always been curious about Rimming and Prostate Massages. She assured me that this was nothing to be ashamed of, and that it could be Extremely pleasurable. But also warned me that it would be quite explosive as well.

I decided to take the plunge and asked if she was OK with being my first. She said of course, but before we started in the unknown, I just had to sample Max’s exquisite body! I haven’t mentioned it yet, but max is incredibly beautiful, both in her physique, but also her intellect! Though some would consider Max a mature SP she certainly doesn’t show it. Her body is in amazing shape, she is soft in all the right places, and tight in all the right places ;-).

After taking in her beautiful breasts, and teasing her nipples, I proceeded downwards to my goal. Max has some tasteful tatts and they suite her well defined body. When going down on her, you can tell that cleanliness is #1 on her personal hygiene list. A wonderful aroma, exquisite taste, and I was loving every minute. Apparently so was Max who made the cutest little moans, each time I flicked my tounge on her hood, she would twich, and when I knew she was close I made sure to finish with gusto.

At this point Max grabbed my hair pointing my face to look at her and said, “OK IT’S MY TURN!” After complementing me on my technique, she mentioned that I must love DATY, which I agreeded.

This is where the PSE in Max appeared. She got on top of me and proceeded to DFK and I REALLY MEAN DFK, I’ve never had a tongue go that far down my throat before lol. Then she attacked my nipples sending shocks down my chest, before giving me the most amazing bbbj and DT action much more intense than on the couch!

Then just as I thought she was going to stop, I felt my legs being raised, I didn’t understand at first but as my pelvis was slightly angled, I felt a sensation I had never felt before. My legs began to shake, and I could feel myself being lost in this sensation. I couldn’t understand what was happening so I exclaimied “Max… What are you doing to me!!” She giggled and replied, “I’m teasing your prostate baby!” Just then I was certain she stuck her tounge inside and I couldn’t help but arch back from the pleasure! After a bit if this she politely asked if I was ready for the real thing, I was SO temped, the pleasure was so different than anything I had experienced before. But in all honesty I was also a little scared. I decided finally that I would save the full experience for another time and politely asked if we could go for the FS.

Not missing a beat, Max went right back to work on another bbbj, DT, and bls. This was PSE in my dreams. Sensing I was ready she put the cap on and rode me for all I was worth, being our first time together she started slow then turned on the juice! Like I said, she was a rock star in bed. I was so lost in the moment that when I finished, I had to let Max know as she was so into the session I’m sure she would have kept going ;-).

Completely spent from the different sensations, and a true PSE, to my surpize Max didn’t immediately leave the room. Instead she lay beside be and we had a very meaningful conversation. It was so natural, like we had know each other for years. I felt like I was with a good friend, someone I could trust, and felt safe with Max. She truly is a PSE in bed, and a GFE at the same time.

I took another quick shower before leaving her, but I will certainly not forget this night, and am eager to repeat!!!

Guys, make sure you visit MMM she’s a class act, truly loves what she does, makes you feel like a man should feel, and truly cares about the person she’s with!

Thank you Max for An amazing time! I hope to see you again soon!!!

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Max as in MagicMouthMax as in all my pleasure

I visited Max on Thursday based on very positive reviews and, to the best of my knowledge, not a single negative input. Max is great at communication; her incall condo is upscale with a stunning view of the lake. She was ready on time, so no waiting. 220 hr is great value for the experience that Max provided.

The visit started with a really good first impression. Max has a very fit toned body, nice facially with what I would call a Mediterranean look and a smile that really lights up her face. There was no awkwardness in the greeting as Max is unabashedly friendly. She was genuinely grateful and seemed surprised at a small gift of wine that I brought along. As opposed to a lady that I visited a couple of months ago who told me to just put it on the table. Clean towels and guy stuff to shower with. Did anyone say that first impressions matter?

I repeat with a few escorts who are great at DFK, and perhaps I have always given a slight edge to the retired Heather. There might be a tie for first now as Max is one hell of a kisser. I could easily book her for a hh of just DFK. Well, maybe not as one thing in my undisciplined mind tends to lead to another! Max has a really open mind about sex and I think that her only restriction is the obvious. I do not think that greek is extra, but you would need to check as I rarely indulge.

This was probably my most selfish session in a very long time. I feel so bad Max essentially decided that she was going to provide all of the entertainment. Very Bossy of her Throughout the session there were amazing bouts of DFK. During one passionate kissing session Max really got off on digits, and I mean really got off on it, and then to my surprise she pointed out to me that while I was playing the digit symphony you know where, she was playing the digit overture with her own ass. The woman is a flat out sybarite, but being a gentleman I relieved her of the burden of having to pleasure herself in this manner. In fact Miss Manners would be proud of me.

One of the highlights of the session was a long drawn out BBBJ. All the time we talked back and forth about our sexual experiences, likes/dislikes and fantasies. At this point I should mention that Max is a complete Lady and never speaks with her mouth full. Another Miss Manners gold star. Now we both have one. But I digress. If sex is in the head, so to speak, then Max really got into my head with this amazing oral session. I dislike dirty talk, but an erotic conversation can really get my juices flowing and this was home run time. Matisse666 wrote a good thread on this (below) and I am surprised that it never received any feedback.

I had a great time with Max, really liked her as a neat woman on top of the obvious. Although I am not sure I was ever on top. I will repeat, but might think about a plan to contribute a little more to the session as opposed to luxuriating in the pleasure of being taken prisoner by Max. Or maybe not.

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