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Leigh Munroe

Being born and raised in Cape Breton, NS, my genuine personality, friendliness and down to earth nature will immediately put you at ease. I have the intangible ability to make you feel more like a man when you leave, then when we first met.

I’m creative, charming, intelligent, fun, enthusiastic and have the natural ability to carry on a conversation on a varying number of levels and topics. Having strong, individualistic personalities, maintaining a carefree existence, unfettered by society’s chains, it’s easy to lead my life the way in which I want, instead of the way one is expected to. I am excited about what is around the next corner and race to see what’s there.

Hair Color
Eye Color:
White , Canadian , Enhanced Breasts, DD Cup , Over 25 , Blonde , In Calls, Out Calls, Escort , Independant Escort , Full Service , Blue Eyes
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