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Exotic Asian Experiance

Visiting Lani has been on my TDL for quite some time now. I'd been trying to arrange a meeting with her but our schedules never seemed to match up. Mainly because I prefer DT over YYZ but when the opportunity to see Lani came up at YYZ I decided to take a chance and the stars aligned!

Booking was simple over txt, and when arriving at the location I was 10 minutes early. I sent a follow up txt letting Lani know I had arrived. Here is the thing about being close to the airport which some people may not know. Depending on your carrier, phone signal can be sporadic at times. It took a few tries but I finally got the ok and headed up.

I have to say that the location was amazing. I had meetings at this location but never stayed there so it was a pleasant surprise. When I reached the room I gently knocked, as the door opened I was met with a stunningly beautiful young woman wearing light a silk robe just covering her crimson lingerie which complimented her full red lips.

Lani is a classic beauty, her face is of an exotic asian and I'm sure she said she was Filipino, we immediately hit it off right from the start which put me at ease. After chatting for a while, Lani invited me to take a quick shower. So after taking care of the business, I hopped in and I have to say again that this location was great, the bathrooms are large and the shower was clean and tidy. Lani made sure to bring along body and mouth wash which I always appreciate when visiting an SP.

Once I exited the shower, Lani was waiting for me on the bed. She has these Piercing eyes which were telling me to join her and who was I to refuse? We started with some LFKing while exploring each others bodies. I was really enjoying myself as her curves were just what I was looking for after a long day at work. I am quite fond of large natural breasts and Lani's girls were soft subtle and felt incredible!

Lani then moved her hand down towards my little man, and started stroking my shaft up and down while DFKing. Her hands were skilled and slowly moved over my rod carefully caressing and fondling which really turned me on. She then broke our lip lock and started her way down to replace her hand. She took my entire member into her lips and slowly started an amazing BBBJ! I was in heaven, the feeling of her enveloping me with her tongue was almost too much to bear. She has amazing oral skills, and I knew immediately that I was in for a new experience with Lani.

Lani then looked at me again with those mesmerizing eyes and almost commanding asked "Do you want to taste this Pusey?" Being a HUGE DATY fan, I wasn't about to miss this opportunity.

We switched positions and before I started on Lani's kitty, I took some time to worship her incredible body. Those breasts continued to call to me and I had to pay them some attention. Each time I teased her nipples Lani would moan in the most delicate way, and it made me want to tease her more. Heading downwards, I took time to feel her wonderfully unblemished skin on her midsection while I proceeded down to the prize.

Lani has impeccable personal hygiene, as I approached her kitty, the sweet aroma was intoxicating but ever so fresh! I started slowly licking her hood, and immediately Lani's legs and back arched from the attention. Her moans started slowly but got louder as I pulled back the hood and licked her button more intensely. Lani's moans became more intense and increasingly louder, I was worried that the people next door would start to hear, but before I could say anything the back of my head was grabbed and I was forced (and I do mean forced) back to what I was doing. As I continue I decided to use some DIGITS to see what kind of reaction i could get, and what a reaction it was. Lani started moving her hips indicated that she was enjoying herself, I continued to reach up to her G and begun to rub intensely. Lani exclaimed, "Oh Yes! Right There! Keep going!" The more I rubbed and prodded the tighter her grip became on my head. This continued for some time and her moans continued getting louder and louder as I increased my pace. Then without warning, her legs suddenly clasped on to my head while her hips moved up into the air. All I could only hear was Lani screaming "Oh YES!!! YES!!! RIGHT THERE!!! !!!" I continued to tease her G and a few after shocks later she motiones for me to stop.

Shivering slightly, Lani whose head was in my chest suddenly looked up at me again with those intense eyes, though her look was a little crazy lol. She said again in a more commanding voice "Do you want to Fck?!!!" Not wanting to refuse incase the result would end up in me being hurt, I nodded my head which sent Lani skipping off the bed humming while she grabbed a cover to put on my little soldier who was standing to attention ready for action.

Paying attention to my little guy with another bbbj Lani got me ready with the cover and mounted me for some CG. Starting slowly at first she began grinding me, Lani felt wonderful, tight, and in control. She then found her rhythm and started to turn on it on. As she was grinding like no body's business, I couldn't help myself and grabbed her bouncing chest, massaging those babies as only I could. I thought about changing positions, but this being my first time with Lani I decided to just let the session go on naturally. Lani continued to increase her pace and pounded away at my member, until I popped.

I had read glowing reviews about this amazing asian exotic Lani from others here, and needless to say I am more than happy to report that all of these stories were true.

Spent, we lay next to search other chatting about her obsession with literature (specifically LOTR) which we both share in common. As time winded down I decided to jump in the shower quickly so not to keep her other appointments waiting. As I was leaving I asked Lani what her favourite sexual thing to do was, and her answer surprised and immediately made me rock hard even after that wild hay ride. Needless to say I WILL be repeating with Lani as soon as I recover lol.

Thank you Lani for an amazing time, I hope to see you again soon!

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Lani Review

Lani. Wow. I’m not sure what else I can really say beyond that that won’t just be repeating what others have already said, but I guess I’ll try.

I had to wait a bit before I could see her since I’m a downtown guy and at the point where I initially contacted her I was in the middle of a cold and so wasn’t going to be able to see her even though she was downtown at the time. The following week she was not available in the area, but I made sure to pre-book about a week in advance once I knew she’d be coming back downtown…the long and short of it: when I was finally able to have my first session with the lovely Lani I could only come to one conclusion - she was worth the wait!

First of all she’s a beautiful woman. Being greeted at the door by a lovely Filipina in negligee is definitely a plus. After a quick shower I met her in the bedroom and we proceeded with some passionate kissing that soon led to sucking and kneading on her breasts and nipples and her the result was almost immediate. Let me say this: Lani is a very responsive partner and it was a joy to be able to see the fruits of my efforts so quickly. I am a big lover of DATY and was eager to sample Lani’s lovely kitty. It was just as sweet as I could have hoped (literally) and given that she came so quickly I decided to stay and see how many times we could enjoy the activity. Bottom line: lots. Let me add here that there is a reason Lani has the nickname “Hurricane Lani” and there were times I thought she might pop my head off with her thighs…but it would have been a beautiful way to go.

From there Lani returned the oral favour and gave me a great BBBJ with lots of tongue, BLS and DT. She’s got skills that’s for sure. Finally it was time for the main event and Lani straddled me and we rode CG to a wonderful finish.

Afterwards we chatted on the bed and that was great too given that we share a lot of common interests in books and movies. Time flew and it was time to go. I gotta say I can’t wait until I’m able to see this firecracker again! If you're able to see this lovely lady you'll consider yourself lucky indeed

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Lani "Mezmering Filipina Beauty" Review

With my monthly hobbying adventure in mind and thin offerings at my go-to agencies I decided to go the indie route. Lani has received numerous stellar reviews and no critical ones. I must admit that I was a touch intimidated. The reviews made her sound like a voracious sex machine who participates frequently in orgies. But I wanted to see what all the fuss was about for myself.

Lani is a very attractive young Filipina woman, more curvy than some but without fat on her. She has a beautiful smile and a very engaging personality. I saw her in a nice, very new condo building not far from Spadina and King. The pictures and the ad were accurate.

Some chit-chat quickly put me at ease. After the shower I made my way to the bedroom where I found her stretched out on the bed in sexy lingerie.

Sex with Lani was terrific. Ardent DFK, lots of different positions, a very accomplished BBBJ. She was fun and attentive to my needs while clearly getting into the act herself. I tried fucking her gorgeous breasts but preferred her in CG. I can't recall being with a more sexual SP. She tasted great and after a few minutes of oral and digits rewarded my efforts with a big O while gripping my head between her powerful thighs. Wow - nothing hotter than making a sexy woman come. The only restriction in her otherwise open menu was no ass play or Greek - I'd love to tap that beautiful butt.

After the deed we lay together on the bed cuddling and chatting comfortably. Lani was quite frank in her descriptions of her active sex life, both as a civilian and a pro. She's a very charming, open and intelligent young woman. Highly recommend.

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