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Jayde Fleming AKA Julia Luv

Hot Milf

Boy oh boy, im still at a loss for words about how to explain this one. ill try my best so excuse me if i miss a few things, im still somewhat new to this

I had recently reached out to jayde but we could not get our schedules to work out. I have a Milf fantasy and so i knew i would see her eventually. Based on the pictures she had a hot body that could put many 20yr olds to shame. For me the older women dont play around and just seduce the bejebeez out of me. as a plus, i also read she was a squirter

So the appointment was set up, very easy to communicate with just had to give her reference and that was simple. BOOKED 1.5 hours to spend with this lovely lady and it was not enough.

Arrive at the condo, text her for the code and up i go. As soon as she opens the door i see a tall very fit woman with large breasts in a blue dress that was not very revealing but sexy nonetheless. lfk some small chit chat and into the shower i go. Clean up the jewels and im ready for the main event.

I step out as she is pouring me a nice glasss of wine that i brought for the both of us and i sit on the couch admiring the great view of toronto(her condo has an awesome view) we get started and it was everything plus more than i could have imagined. It was hot intense and just overall sexy. Great BJ skills, loves to take a pounding and she was squirting all over the place (keep in mind it is ymmv with squirting). round 1 was great and so we took a break, chatted a little more and i had some time for round 2 and she asked me if i wanted to get head and blow or fuck. i chose option 2 and brought her back out to the living room and plowed her doggie style to the great view of the city. needless to say there was a puddle she had to clean up infront of that mirror after i left .

Overall great experience and i do plan on repeating with this lovely lady

Please treat her well gentlemen as she was telling me horror stories and some of you really dont know how to treat a woman


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Review of Jayde Fleming

I have been a little busy recently, so I am just getting around to posting this event that happened a couple of weeks ago.

I had been wanting to see Jayde for quite a while now, and I finally put my mind to it to make it happen.
Arranging things was very easy over text and a quick phone call (since I had never seen her before).
I took the GO train in and easily found my way to her place.

Now I have a bad habit of getting myself too worked up before meeting someone, especially if it takes me a long time before I get the chance to meet.
I get a preconceived idea of exactly how her body will look based on the pics, I get an idea of what her face will look like, etc… this has led me to being disappointed at times (my own fault, of course).
But when the door opened, Jayde was exactly what I was expecting. Incredible MILF body, gorgeous face, and very inviting lips!

Once we got down to business things were surreal.
I won’t get explicit, because everything has been reported many many times.
Two main highlights:
-The waterworks. My god, I thought I was standing in the middle of a splash pad. I love squirters (a main reason I wanted to see her), and shes did not disappoint. Quite a sight to behold!
-Her hard O from behind while she used her little toy. It was awesome to see her writhe, and the reflection in the mirror made it even better!

She is very pleasant to talk to and I wasn’t rushed at all.
I went a wee bit overboard because I was having too much fun to finish, but she wasn’t pushing.
I had to leave rather quickly to catch the train, but I’m sure we would have chatted a bit longer if I didn’t have to run.

Looking forward to seeing her again.

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Another WOW Review

Well I had an opportunity to finally meet Jayde in Oakville. I can definitely say she is not a “Hamilton hookup” but a Toronto courtesan.

Jayde is very intelligent, attentive and well spoken. I would have not issues having her on my arm for any business / social affair. I really enjoyed our conversation; it was real, not forced and extremely enjoyable. Behind closed doors she is definitely attentive, fun and love to making sure you are completely satisfied.She loves what she does and it shows.

Ok now for some detail that you are all dying for.

Booking was easy, texted her and we found a time that worked for both of us. She called to confirm.When I arrived, she greeted me with some LFK and dressed in her string bikini.WOW! She definitely put any 20 year old to shame.Very slim and toned, nice long legs, great smile. Definitely my cup of tea. We shared a glass of wine and chatted / LFK for a little bit. Made me feel special.Took a nice shower.

On to the bedroom with some DFK, body kissing and hands exploring which moved to BBBJ. One of the BEST I ever had. I had to ask to stop to prevent blowing before the main event.Flip to 69 then to DATY with digits. Clean, shaven and very delicious. She is very sensitive and enjoyed every minute with moans and groans. Then to reverse Cow Girl, yeeha! What fun. She defiantly know her way around, I told her that I was about to blow, so she slowed down to make it last longer. We then moved to her favorite, doggy style. I can definitely say that for a MILF he is nice an tight. I was first to blow then she followed with a “water show”. Yup, she is definitely a squirter, and just not drops but Niagara falls. First time with a squirter, it was awesome!

Time for clean up, we chatted for a while, drank some more wine. Then we were off for round 2. We started with some kissing then back to BBBJ. WOW! Blow #2.

Chatted some more finished the glass of wine.
She is definitely not a clock watcher, never felt rushed.

I would defiantly repeat? Yes, I have already booked my next appointment.

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Review of Jayde

Jayde tours out west occasionally and I jumped on the opportunity to visit with her recently, she has many favorable reviews and is that hot milf one needs to visit at least once in this hobby, I definitely was not disappointed.

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My Toronto Visit

Exchanged emails, then texts and then a phone call. My flights were delayed so my timing was up in the air until I arrived in Toronto. She was very accommodating. When she finally showed up all I could think was that she was going to make my travel pains go away very quickly. HOT MILF with a rocking body. She greeted me with LFK and I immediately became ready to go! I will repeat and you will too.

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