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If You Seek Amy

Found Her Delightfull

I have gushed praise over her before, but both a visit and another review were long overdue.

A text was made, followed by an arrangement, followed by my creaky old body going weak at the knees just approaching the hotel. I knew what to expect, but each visit is like the first time, the only thing missing is the fear that something may go wrong. The anticipation of a great time never fades.

I was greeted with a hug and a kiss, and then hit the shower. After that, well, what do you expect? Passionate hugs, caressing, gradual removal of her clothing, and intense exploration of various body areas and cavities by various body parts. Position switching, squealing, moaning, panting, gasps, appreciative remarks, it pretty much becomes a blur after a while. There’s really nothing to do but surrender yourself to the moment.

The only downside? I love to see the ‘moment’ as a woman takes everything and keeps sucking for more. But by this time my eyes had rolled back into my head and all I could do was lay there and imagine the reality.

Gentlemen, you can’t go wrong.

Oh, you want the acronyms I guess. Okay: DFK, DATY, DATO, BBBJTCIMSW, and just about anything else, except of course the obvious restrictions. Can’t wait until next time. I may do some monkey-spanking with the memory.

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Review of Amy

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Amy near the airport. I had read many of her previous reviews, and I have to say that she is everything I expected and then some!

She is one of the most amazing GFE experiences I have ever had. And her “Good to the last drop” advertising is exactly as promised!

Although she advertises as IfYouSeekAmy, i think she should change that to Amazing Amy.

If you are looking for a lady with a beautiful face, a smile that lights up the room, with great curves, huge natural boobs that love to be touched and an the attitude and personality to make you feel like a king, you can’t go wrong with Amy.

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After a short hiatus I decided to see Amy as she was doing an incall in northyork area. text her a nite before and the following morning texted her again to confirm the appointment. its good to see Amy again for she never disappoint.

She is a nice lady to be with no hiccups no dramas friendly ,funny makes you feel relax when you see her but she has the naughty side that will really rock your world and drain you out as you all know what i mean. and she always sends me some naughty text as i ask her to do so. i will always repeat with this lovely lady. For she always give me a smile for the rest of the day. are you naughty or nice.

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Heads up!!

I texted her and told her about my anniversary, she congratulated me, and then I hinted at her, do you know if anyone has an incall today. Lucky me she set up one. With Amy, booking her is always easy. I haven’t been hobbying as much lately for different reasons, but I won’t go into that, so for today it had to be one of favorites.

Amy greeted me at the door like two lost friends that finally found each other again. We chatted and there was lots of dfk, with clothing coming off between, piece by piece. One thing I love about Amy is she always is very clean and very tasty, and I couldn’t wait to dive in. And I dove, and I dove, and did I mention? I dove I came back up, and she reintroduced herself to her skills, and how skilled she is. With how long it had been since last seeing her, the anticipation was up, and the hold time was short, and before I knew it, she was smacking her lips and we were catching up with each other.

If I am right, she still has the incall today, so if you are looking to see her, today would be a good day if you can’t do outcall, you won’t be disappointed.

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I Finally Did.....

I just want to let you all know that I saw Amy this morning. That’s If You Seek Amy, or Sweet Amy in Durham. This was my first time seeing Amy–I initiated communication through email and provided my cell number–just a little over an hour later she responded with a text, and the appointment was made. A quick shower and twenty minutes later I was in her arms. I happily remained in contact with her for the next hour. Wow, this is one passionate lady–she seems to enjoy, and become orgasmic with just kissing and hugging, just add a little digit action to the mix. She really seemed to like my attempts to satisfy her orally, so I provided plenty of that. I was hesitant to let her pleasure me in return, since that IS what she is famous for. There were condoms on the night table, ready for the full service but, in the end I let her finish me off with her trademark style, and she happily drank down every drop. Her pictures are 100% accurate, and I can’t even begin to describe how cute her little 4′ 10″ body is. Those tiny, well-manicured fingers made my cock look HUGE! Lol! Anyway, the acronyms: LFK, DFK (amazing tongue work there too), DATY, Digits, BBBJCIMSW were all provided for the $200/hr price. CFS would have been available, if I had chosen to go that way. Amy is just too good at the BBBJ though, and I can certainly see why that’s what she’s famous for. Hell yes, I’ll repeat! There’s a little more story below for those of you who are interested–all of you just looking for the basic facts can leave now.

Amy is one of those ladies around Durham that don’t need a lot of introduction. You have either already seen her, or you have decided that she’s not your style and are not interested. In my case I’m still kind of new at this, and I’m still repeating with the same ladies for the most part. Amy has remained on my radar since late December when I started this hobby, but I had not gotten around to meeting her until today.

I saw her ad on Monday and it remained in the back of my mind until this morning. Since I operate best at the last minute I am not always successful, but at about 8:15 this morning I decided to send Amy an email, which is how she prefers the first contact. I asked her how she knew what my type is, but of course she had been checking out my previous posts and reviews. I assured her that I would love to meet her too, and a date was made for, well, RIGHT AWAY!

I had five minutes to get ready–fortunately I had already shaved and brushed my teeth, so I showered, threw on some fresh clothes, and jumped in my car. And I was right on time. Amy greeted me by stepping out the patio door and waving, and I went inside.

I’ve already said how cute she is so I’ll continue by telling you about her beautiful wavy brunette hair, her amazing brown eyes, and her very kissable lips. She is definitely a nonsmoker, and absolutely fresh and clean out of the shower when I saw her. And, oh, does she love to kiss. We started on the couch, moved to the bed and kissed for at least five minutes before Amy mentioned that we had too many clothes on. Uh yeah, we were still fully dressed, so we pulled ourselves apart for a minute, undressed, then got right back together for more kissing. And soon I visited her wonderful breasts (36 DD, completely natural) and beautiful, tasty, clean-shaved pussy.

An hour later I couldn’t believe that so much time had passed. I swear, I must have blacked out for part of it, as it seems I just arrived, and it was already time to leave. But I got dressed, kissed Amy a few more long, passionate kisses and off I went. My car seemed to float home and more than three hours later I still have a big smile on my face.

Thanks so much for a perfect morning Amy! I hope I see you again very soon!

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