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Harley Stone

A bit about me...

I've got just enough urban city slick to know where the hidden jazz bars lie, yet I haven't forgotten my small town charm. I can be coy and playful, and dish out saucy banter by the spoonful. I've got enough university degrees to match my wit, but have stayed grounded. I've got all that and more, so saddle up and get ready to explore the depths of our mutual desires.

French, the language of love, is my mother tongue, but I am fluent in English, lust and talking dirty. I can be equally at ease dressed to the nines at a downtown chef's restaurant, strolling the cobble stone streets of a European city or playing it casual at a packed concert hall. We won't be spending our time trailing the well beaten path, I'm sure to sniff out the hidden city gems of any venture destination we decide to embark on, both on terra firma & on soft sheets.

From a petite frame with a beautiful derrière and sweet face comes a hidden trove of delightful sauce that can ramp up the naughty play once we've sauntered our way back from dinner to rumple the sheets. Just like my personal style, I may appear sleek and well kempt, but you can be assured that underneath the outerwear, I've hidden layers of naughty lace and silky satins to unravel. And just like you, my dear lover, I have miles to go before I sleep.

I take pride in my work play, and expect nothing less than respect and care in all correspondence. If I do not respond to your inquiry, it may be that I am otherwise occupied with my thesis work, off on some other venture or perhaps did not click with your approach. I receive enough quality inquiries to enjoy the luxury of choosing my companions carefully, hence I advise a thoughtful introductory email.

A serious professional who cares deeply about both her reputation and safety, I will not engage in anything that might threaten either. Discretion and confidentiality are a must, and I assure you I take my business seriously.

Once able to cast all seriousness aside, I am truly an playful being with whom you can let go and expand your horizons. Let’s lead each other to new discoveries.

I am more than happy to accommodate clients with disabilities. Accessibility of my hosting spaces varies. I do not discriminate based on race, age, gender, nationality, ability or taste in music ;)

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