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Evelyn Snow

What is this divine creature, you ask yourself as you pass her by on the street. A body often compared to Botticelli’s Venus, with hair like fire and a complexion as pale as snow. A thoughtful smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, pleasant thoughts evident on her features as she ponders the world with unbridled curiosity in her golden-green hazel eyes.

Evelyn Snow is what they call me. Born and raised in the vibrant multicultural city of Vancouver Canada, I’ve had the amazing privilege of experiencing aspects of many cultures and social groups, with an open, and welcoming mind. Much like Vancouver, a thriving city wreathed with the wonders of nature, my personality is multifaceted in a way that keeps you on your toes, wondering what you will discover next.

Often people say that when we enter adulthood, we leave behind a sort of magic that only children can carry in their minds. I’ve been lucky to have retained that sense of childlike wonder within me, and it drives me to dream, explore, and uncover the unknown. I am an extremely passionate individual, following where my passions lead with every step. I am a lover and protector of animals, I am an artistic creator, I sing with all my emotions (when no-one is around, alas, I am a little shy in that), and I give life to kindness for those in need of it.

But with the sweetness comes the spice (and of course everything nice)! I have been called extremely witty, mischievous, naughty, and seductive. I’ve studied numerous subjects on my own and in universities- my passions are numerous and never ending. My sharp wit and intelligence may surprise you with my seemingly playful and sweet personality, as I draw you in with my sensual, and seductive nature.

As a lover, I deeply enjoy giving pleasure to others. Slowly teasing and playing with my partner and seeing the excitement rise in their eyes is something that thrills my mind and awakens my body. I am extremely sensitive to touch, you will be pleased to find, and my maximum pleasure can be reached numerous times once it is met- sensual affection is something I crave, and it is something I will never tire from. I am open to many desires and scenarios, the gentleman in question need only ask. I find great enjoyment in many erotic avenues, and I love to please.

What I offer is a true connection, genuine care, and shared, sensuous pleasure. I’m very comfortable in the bedroom, and what pleases me the most is making your inner desires come true. I am a woman with such passion and love for life, and I would love to share that with you in our times together. In my company you will never feel rushed, I enjoy our passionate moments just as much as our moments of affectionate repose.

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150 Lbs
In Calls, Out Calls
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Vancouver Escort 1 year ago
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Vancouver Escort 1 year ago
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Vancouver Escort 1 year ago
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