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Dina From Mirage Entertainment



Booking a session at Mirage has always been a breeze. They are consistent and accurate. There have been some goof ups in the past but mostly due to the girls and not the agency. booking was done over the phone. Call when you get close and they will give you a buzzer number to get in.


Upscale downtown Condo’s. Always good looking beds and amenities including supplies at shower.


As most of you already know Dina is quite famous now, but I actually met Dina on her first day at Mirage or maybe it was her first week ( I am not sure if she was honest about that but I dont see why she would lie for no reason) After that I have seen Dina 3 more times over the span of a year.

All my sessions with Dina were impressive and satisfying! She is very open to things. Passionate about the session. she will truly get into the session and wont hesitate to do most of the things you ask her of. As far as I can remember she doesnt like Greek but she does allow Digits. In brief most of our sessions begin good right off the bat after a shower. She goes quite well into LFK but not too much into DFK, I personally dont try DFK unless the girl is good at it or into it.

Her best assets are her huge natural boobs. They are soft smooth and tasty! She is slim for the most part but a little fleshy which i like , I dont like girls who are too skinny. Daty was clean and smelt great. Very responsive! I personally love CIMs and Dina was happy to oblige! She can go sensual to build you up and then go hardcore to make you come. She takes all of it in without leaving a single drop out. Most of the times she has swallowed and it was hot to see her do that! Rest of the session included lost of kissing , groping and lot of positions. doggy style with her facing the mirror was a true sight to behold as you watch her natural perky tits swing and I was grabbing on to them while I pounded her. I have had up to 3 Msogs with Dina and she is not a clock watcher at all! She will keep going as many times as you want and I had only booked for an hour each time!! I have also come on her tits multiple times and it was an amazing sight to watch her rub it across her chest and smile at you. A truly amazing experience everytime I have been to see her and she has only gotten better over time like fine wine.

Face – 9/10 Very Cute and young. Has a great smile and pretty facial features
Body – 8/10 Amazing tits , sexy butt. She is quite short and because of her height might come off as chubby to some but she doesnt have any fat on her tummy and probably even works out
Attitude – 10/10 Very friendly , open minded and wants to leave you satisfied
Menu – Every major items were available except greek( I dont know if this has changed) If you need more details just PM me!
Wow Factor – Best feature has to be her amazing tits and butt. And that attitude to suck you dry and leave a smile on your face makes her one of the best SPs in Town.

Recommend and/or Repeat
Yes would recommend to any one on the fence thinking about her. JUST DO IT! She is worth it and a lot more.
I personally havent repeated recently mostly because I like to try different SPs. Life is a box of chocolates , I can never settle for 1 ;D but if ever there is a scenario where I have her as an option I wouldn’t think twice to book her.

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This lovely lady needs no introduction, and after reading uncountable reviews I decided to finally meet her.

The Review:

One Word.


Thanks for reading.

PS. We both agreed she didn’t need any more reviews, and this time I’ll keep the memory of our date mine.

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Dina From Mirage

I know she has been reviewed quite a bit, but I like to review for me so I will add to her to my collection. I met Dina for an hour and half in a duo setting with Aria. While we had a wonderful time together, I didn’t get to spend some time getting to know her, so we chatted on the message board and set up a date for just the two of us. Set the date and time with Mirage and off I went to see the lovely Dina. Upon my arrival, Dina was dressed in lovely white lingerie and calling herself a “fallen angel” – as we caught up I excused myself to the shower eager to resume our play time.

Upon my return, Dina motioned for me to join her on the bed, and as I laid down, Dina climbed on top and we began a deep make out session warming each up. Hands wandering, Dina positioned my hand between her legs and as I rubbed her to start the engine she removed her tongue from my mouth and kissed down my body. Licking and sucking down – she made her way to my hard cock and soon spit and slurping action and her BBBJ was on. Trying to deep throat Dina could take most of it – but with lots of spit and eye contact she didn’t need to swallow it all. After a few minutes, I got that feeling and asked if she was ok with a facial and she replied “no need to ask, just tell me what you want” – so as I stood on the bed with Dina sexily looking up at me she quicken her pace until my moment arrived and I pulled out and covered her lower face in cum. With her cum soaked face Dina didn’t stop sucking me off and I took it the pleasure until I couldn’t anymore. Dina went to wash up as we lied down on the bed and caught up some more.

As conversation soon rolled into making out, Dina removed her lingerie completely and asked me to get her off as well, Dina said she liked some pain, and as I licked and sucked my way down, she wanted more biting which I was happily to give her. Working my way all the way down, I found myself between Dina’s legs and commenced DATY with digits allowed. Dripping wet, Dina asked me to stop saying she wanted her one O to come during sex. Soon she positioned herself on the edge of the bed and asked me to face fuck her. And I quickly found Dina pistoning my butt cheeks forcing my cock down her throat repeatedly. While this was going on my hands were working her nipples and keeping her pussy wet. Once rock hard, Dina asked to switch and began to rim me with gusto. As this position ended we rolled into 69 with me on top. Continuing to deep throat my cock, I ate her out some more – and made her soaking wet, soon I found Dina begging me to fuck her saying she was close to cumming. As we put the condom on, I entered Dina mish, and had one of her legs up on my shoulder as I pounded into her. More pain play was involved, and soon Dina was begging to be given my cock from behind and we positioned ourselves in front of the mirror. As I entered her tight pussy from behind Dina asked me to pull her hair and I was pleased to give into all of her requests. Soon we were both dripping with sweat as I gave her my all. As we found an incredible rhythm Dina all of a sudden collapsed in a spasm as I continued to fill her in wanting to cum while she came. Pumping faster and harder I focused on Dina’s beautiful face in orgasm in the mirror and soon found myself cumming deep inside her.

Collapsing side by side, Dina and I rested a little bit before she had me lie on my stomach and gave me a nice little rub down as we chatted a little more, looking at the clock I was sad to see our time had come to an end. I jumped in the shower to rinse off, and gave her my donation as I went back to work.

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Half hour is not enough

Arrived and was greeted by the sweetest little cutie you could imagine with a fucking HOT body that belied that cuteness. Huge smile on both of our faces when we saw each other in the door!

Although I was freshly showered I completed the Shower Ritual with plenty of soap and water to ensure not only that I was perfectly clean everywhere , but also that she knew it too!

Anyways, she was so sweet and charming that I almost felt guilty, almost, for what I wanted her to do to me that I let 10 minutes pass before we got down to the fun stuff.

No need to repeat what has already been said about her service and absolute willingness and enthusiasm to please. I was super tired and beat and had NO power nor energy. Despite that Dina did not give up and turned from a submissive to a man eating tiger! I rarely get so turned on by a girl’s presence as I did by Dina.

I can’t begin to convey how hot, wild and sexy Dina is! everyone else has said it better than me already!

But what is worth repeating is that you NEED more than a half hour with her. I usually only see someone for the first time for a half hour to see how things go. Big mistake this time for me.

Ok, time to chill before I sound like a shill!

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Dina From Mirage...Oh My!

Set up was easy with the online booking system and agency staff were friendly and helpful.
Location in nice-downtown with easy access and parking.

When I got to the room I was surprised to be met by a blonde. She recently dyed her hair but is retuning to her natural black .I think that will suite her Mediterranean look and dark tan best.

This girl is tiny but curvy and sweeter than sweet. By her own admission she loves sex and it shows through out the date.We chatted and kissed briefly before I headed of for a quick rinse. As I was leaving she admonished me not to be long because she was “really horny”.
Ain’t that the truth – when I returned to the sheets she was dipping wet. She is incredibly orgasmic and goes from 0-60 in no time.
She’s too tiny to handle a trip to the isles in comfort. She has the tightest kitty I have ever experienced and her oral skills are off the chain.
LFK DFK, Cim all there. Just an amazing combination of GFE and PSE.

Would definitely repeat .

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Review of Dina

On Saturday I gave Mirage a call to see when I could see Dina, booked for 1:30 and started to head down town, in call location was in the vicinity of Rogers Centre.

While on the way I called and asked to change to 1:45 because I underestimated the traffic on the Gardener, seemed to be no problem. Booking and updated time were all handled quickly and easily.

I always get “thrown off” when the in call is in a condo and you make the last minute call from the street. No chance to write down the numbers so I hoped to remember the buzz code, room number, and who to say I am visiting if they happen to ask me. Thankfully I managed to get through and into the elevator. LOL

Knocked quietly on the door and was so happy to meet Dina when I got inside.

She is a really cute petite young woman we hugged had a quick kiss I dealt with business and was off to the shower.

I had asked her to wear her street clothes, I enjoy unwrapping the package.

There was a lot of kissing and playful talk (her talking dirty game is pretty strong). Dina made me feel great by telling what she wanted to do together.

I got her clothes off and worked my way down to enjoy some DATY, she seemed to like my “skills.”

At this point Dina told me she wanted to taste me, who am I to argue??

She was really into the BBBJ, lots of tongue, some DT and FF mixed in.

I decided that I wanted to do a little bit of a PSE finish, COF/CIM combination. She knelt down beside the bed and worked me to the edge allowing me to build my orgasm until I could not take it any longer. There was cum all over her chin, lips, neck and in her mouth. I loved it.

The only bad thing? Me, WHY did I wait so long before I booked with Dina?

I will repeat for sure.

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