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CICI Palmer


Setup a hh with this sexy ‘lil mama last minute before heading home from work. I love love love petite girls who are stacked but firm, skinny but also curvy, and her pics def grabbed my attention – what a hottie! Had checked out her profile for sometime but never pulled the trigger since she’s usually too far from my neck of the woods. Very easy to book via sms, she was friendly and hospitable upon entry and her place was decent. Chatted for a bit, freshened up in the shower, and then moved straight on to the main event. Normally if I book a hh I still like to mix it up a bit but her o-skillz were so amazing we never tried anything else. She was really responsive to mutual play which was nice and definitely went the extra mile to make sure I finished strong. Afterwards she got me a glass of water, we chilled back with some casual convo, a quick fresher-upper in the washroom, and then I was on my way out the door with a big smile ear to ear.

I don’t do ratings because I truly believe that beauty is subjective. That said if you like petite, stacked, firm, toned, pretty, enthusiastic, friendly, ebony girls you will not be disappointed. Great attitude, professional service, and I def plan on repeating.

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A time to remember

Cici has been on my tdl for some time now, but our schedules just couldn’t match for whatever reason. Finally this past weekend I saw that Cici was in Scarborough and I figured this could be the time. I messaged her on text and the stars aligned!

When I reached the in call location a very nice hotel in Scarborough, I text to let Cici know I had arrived, she confirmed and I went up to meet her.

When I reached her door, a light knock and standing on the other side of the door was a gorgeous young lady in an amazing white/beige lingerie set. As she led me into the room she turned around and I was able to see her amazing bubble butt and how beautifully framed it was in her tight little thong.

Cici is gorgeous, exactly as she appears in her photos, but honestly much more impressive in real life. She is a true spinner, some guys have mentioned she looks like she gained some weight, but honestly if she did it’s all gone into the right places. She is firm in all the right places and wonderfully juicy in the others ;-).

After a quick shower Cici greeted me on the bed. We started with some lfk into dfk she is a very good kisser and that is a big thing for me. Then Cici proceeded to give some attention to the little soldier, and what a visual treat. While lying on her stomach on the bed Cici began an amazing bbbj with me at the edge of the bed standing where I could take in her full body and amazing backside. She then turned to lie on her back and I proceeded to get acquainted with her kitty. Oh how smooth her kitty was, I started with digits and Cici’s pace began to slow. I knew I was doing something right and was enjoying her incredible oral skills.

After a little more time in this position Cici instructed me to lie down. I knew I was in for something special, and before I knew what was happening, I was on the receiving end of one of the wettest and intense bbbj I’ve ever had! It wasn’t long before I reached my limit, and Cici took a big CIM to my satisfaction.

After taking a moment to freshen up, Cici returned to the bed where she began caressing me up and down. She was paying particular attention to my little guy, and as much as I enjoyed her attentions, I knew that I needed a small break before round 2.

We spend the time just holding hands on the bed, discussing a number of topics. Cici is very engaging when you find a topic she likes, but she can be on the quite side as well which didn’t bother me at all.

Showing great instincts Cici was soon reaching down massaging me back to attention. She started with another amazing bbbj, her oral skills are really something to experience! Once she felt I was ready to go, she reached for the cover and started on some cg.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but Cici’s breasts are incredible and completely natural from what I can tell. So soft and wonderful to touch, I got a little carried away at one point and she asked me to go a little slower and not as intensely. But it was so hard not to as the site of her bouncing up and down on top of me was magical.

After changing positions twice, I wanted to have a taste of her and asked if we could 69. She happily obliged and what a wonderful site she is to behold. Exquisitely taken care of, impeccable hygiene and fresh. One of the best tasting I have ever had, I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and then Cici asked if we could do some doggie. I was not about to refuse that request!

Standing up, I leaned onto the side of the bed and Cici positioned herself perfectly to meet me. The only thought in my mind was OMG baby got back! My friends there are times in life when you see something perfect, and in that moment it was Cici’s bubble butt. I took the plunge and never came back.

Cici matched my pace, timing and rhythm perfectly, I found my stride (which for me is saying something lol). Cici seemed me be enjoying it too as I could heat her soft moaning after each thrust. It wasn’t long before I felt myself coming and I nearly collapsed on top of Cici totally spent.

After disposing of the jimmy and another quick shower, I made sure to give a little extra in the donation as I received much more than I expected!

Cici’s is one of those truly great SPs who tries her best to please you. I am so grateful we were able to finally meet and I will be repeating as soon as my legs stop shaking lol.

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Quite Simply, "WOW"

I wanted to see someone new and after the looking over the usual ads and reviews, and contacting a few SPs about availability, decided to see Cici Palmer.

She is also very prominent on the blue board, and posts a lot of pics of herself. She looks great in pictures, and there appears to be zero photoshopping. I was pretty confident that appearance wise, what I saw would be what I was getting. I was worried she may be too young for me (I prefer the 28-40 age range) and conversation wise, was not sure we would mesh. She looks like a super hot club girl who could be in music videos, and I am a lot more redneck than rap.

Anyway, her initial engagement via text was a bit slow, but once she engaged communication was extremely good and prompt. She was on time, and I wandered on up. She opens the door (the classic peering around the door approach) and as I step in, the first thing that hits me is “wow”. She looks even better than her pictures, which is saying something. Beautiful face, with very nicely done makeup. She had this exotic gold tone eye shade that made her eyes even more exotic and was incredibly striking, playing up the beautiful tone of her skin. She is a very petite woman (seems reasonably tall in stripper heels, but once she kicks them off she is petite). Her body is incredible. Beautiful breasts, going down to a beautiful round ass. Her legs are incredibly nicely shaped. Just a beautiful woman.

She advertises PSE level services (no greek, but a lot of incredible oral options) but it is one of the best GFE experiences I have had in awhile. An incredible kisser, her body moving and cavorting in bed is a wonder to behold. Her oral (giving and receiving) is wonderful. Just soft and sensuous and hot. She kept taking me to the edge and back, and it was ridiculous how warm and wonderful it felt. When she looks up at you with those beautiful eyes, it was another “wow” moment for me. In between rounds, I was totally impressed with her nice, laid back manner. A very very sweet woman. When she laughs, she is even more beautiful. Yeah, I know I sound like Mr Romantic. However, on a grey rainy day it was a great experience. There is zero doubt she can turn up the heat.

Even with all the good reviews, she simply blew away all my expectations.
If you want to spend time with a beautiful, nice woman who provides a great GF experience with PSE on top, highly recommended.
I will absolutely be repeating to try all the things we never got to.

Treat her well. We have it extremely good here in Toronto.

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Super Star Experiance

I always like to pre-book. Cici tends to have a pretty dynamic schedule, and will book you a day or two in advance. Once she does, communication is excellent. This time she was running a bit late through no fault of her own and was super easy to manage. The one benefit was when I showed up she was still prep’ing and in civvie clothes (tight jeans, a nice top showing her cleavage, and as usual immaculate hair and makeup). She looked incredibly hot. I often request the cliche stockings and heels, but may change that to a nice top and tight jeans! 🙂

I will be blunt: I love her look. She puts a lot of work into glam’ing it up, and it shows. Beautiful makeup that is tasteful and showcases her features, long flowing hair, and an amazing body. She looks more toned than last time I saw her, and she looks incredible. I am a “face man” first and foremost, and find hers quite beautiful. She looked very sexy in a lace bra and thong combo with heels. She has beautiful large, firm breasts on a small frame, great ass and legs, and a beautiful pussy (there I said it). She is very petite (I think she advertises 5’1 and 90lbs) so if you are into spinners with big tits, she is for you. I generally prefer tall women, and you realize how petite she is when standing up with heels off, but in bed it is a real bonus. Many positions, and when she is crawling all over you, every view had me saying “wow”. She is a real stunner IMHO.

Personality and Presentation:
Before I saw her, I found her online persona a bit intimidating. She is young, Jamaican background, offers a lot of pictures, and I expected a real culture mismatch. In person, she is a super feminine woman who is incredibly professional. In my previous review, someone mentioned they found her a bit quiet, and there definitely seems to be part of her that can be a bit quiet and shy (which only adds to the charm for me). However, when you engage her in conversation she is totally charming, very vocal, and very expressive. A real pleasure to talk to, with a thousand watt smile and a great laugh.

The Super Star Experience:
I have a real problem classifying the experience. She is true GFE, and is a great kisser. Soft sensuous lips, and she also knows how to use them. She also has elements of PSE: incredible oral including deep throat and face fucking. It is an incredible visual to have this beautiful, petite woman and just pushing your cock down her throat over and over again. I have seen full on GFE escorts, and full on PSE escorts, but I have met few who combine elements of both so well. That is why I pretty much call her the “Super Star Experience”: she is the best of both worlds and is pretty awesome at both. There is no greek on the menu, which is fine with me (not my thing, though when I look at dat ass, if she offered it, I doubt I would say “no” :-). My general test for a session is how I feel when walking back out to my car, and both times with her it was a simple “wow”. She is a great time in the bedroom, and love her combination of “glam + upscale + gfe + pse”.

The Photography Experience:
One thing very unique with Cici is she allows photography. I am into photography, but have never done erotic photography before. I have often debated hiring models, and I have even refused partners who wanted to add photography (I figured it would turn into an episode of “beauty and the beast”). However, her photography option is incredible. First, she is a great model. I have decent gear, and the camera loves her. That glorious face looks amazing. She takes direction very well, and knows how to pose for the camera. Very natural, very beautiful. I love having a keepsake of the session, and a reminder of what it is like to spend time with this awesome woman. For the cyber paranoid out there, I simply recommend you keep all the results in an encrypted container on a private fault tolerant server.

Should You See Her?
I would recommend you see Cici if:
o You love petite women with incredible bodies.
o You love ebony providers.
o You want to indulge in erotic photography.
o You prefer the east end to the airport/Mississauga scene (she is in Scarberia this week).
o You are tired of XMAS shopping at the malls and buying presents for others, and want a beautiful present for yourself.
o You just want a great fucking time with a beautiful woman.

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