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Catherine TOG

Extended Date Review

I've long maintained that Catherine is the Ultimate Chinese GFE.

I can now add to her list of fine abilities the art of being a fine overnight companion.

I had decided for an extended dinner date recently with Catherine and she told me to pick her up after 8pm with a hearty appetite. Now I find myself drawn back to Catherine on a continual basis for her warm and friendly hospitality, but this time the lady outdid herself.

Upon opening the door, Catherine did her trademark go for the throat DFK that leaves you light headed right from the start. She was wearing some lovely evening wear and had her hair perfectly pinned. We sat down for a little glass of wine and then proceeded to don coats and head into the night air. I had made reservations at a near by restaurant that was a comfortable stroll from her central downtown location.

The feeling of walking the high streets with such a lovely companion on your arm is always great source of contentment. A little walk on Bloor Strassa with a stylish and poised lady heightens the feeling, and in no time we are at our 8:30PM dinner destination.

I selected a Chinese restaurant known for its decor, service and quality comestibles. We were sat at a candle lit table and provided with our choice of tea and a menu. Catherine and I planned a multi-course meal based on a combination of her knowledge and my interest to sample some new delights.

Over the next ninety minutes we sampled our way through varieties of seafood and side dishes that were mostly Sichuan in nature. You know, that spicy province that perfectly matches Catherine's Asian love techniques. Conversation was easy and flowed smoothly. Although we had seen each other numerous times prior to this special night, we had spent most of our time lip locked and unable to communicate verbally.

The visuals were a feast for the eyes. A sparkling companion sharing tasty treats. A lovely lady shyly and anxiously awaiting my approval of her selections. Sly smiles and gleaming eyes with all attention on me. All these elements made for a romantic and satisfying dinner.

Now I've dined with a number of companions who are true GFE, but never have I been given such interesting explanations of ingredients and cooking techniques.

Naturally, Catherine offered herself as desert. Our leisurely stroll back to our place to retire for the evening was as lovely as watching two birds flying. I've reviewed this lady's bedroom services more than once in the past, but this time we seemed to hit even higher heights. I do not know if it was the comforting length a an overnight session, or some ancient Chinese secret ingredient that was placed in my tea, but this was a true 5 star evening. Falling asleep curled up together seemed a natural denouement...just as natural as a morning session of bodily entanglement.

My early morning departure after a wondrous evening left me floating for the rest of day.

Thank you Catherine.

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Beating the Blues

Or how to beat the corporate blues...

Catherine has been well reviewed on Terb previously and I've met with her maybe three times previously at her old location at Yonge & 401.

I noted that she had posted on Terb she was back from vacation and now located near Union Station. I was in an all day meeting / corporate seminar by the waterfront and part way through the day, I thought I'd give her a call and see if she was available after work.

I called her during the mid-afternoon coffee break and as we started to set up an appointment time, she gave me her address. I did a double-take, it was literally right across the street!

The after work meeting was going to be challenging so I asked if she was available in a few minutes. Thankfully, she said yes. The next section of the meeting was going to be one of the dullest PowerPoint presentations I'd ever sat through (I'd all ready seen it twice) so I told everyone I would skip this segment of the meeting and be back in 45 minutes.

Five minutes later, I was in her new condo foyer experiencing some heavy DFK as Catherine masterfully me through my pants. This was quickly followed by a shower together involving lots of DFK and an incredible BBBJ.

After the shower, we went to her bedroom to engage an intense session of DFK, rimming, 69, and yes, more BBBJ. Never made it to the raincoast - I realized I only had five minutes left so it ended with a wonderful CIMSW.

Left after 30 minutes, returned in time for the Q & A session of which I was on the panel, smiling broadly - well drained and very satisfied.

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Great Holiday Visit

I've seen Catherine several times, and each time has always been a pleasure as I'm sure others who have met this lovely lady will agree. Yesterday was no exception; and I left feeling like I really didnt need anymore Christmas presents this year .. As an early present back to Catherine, along with what I already gave her yesteday ;-) .. I offer this review to the many that have preceded.

This was the first time she offered to shower WITH me .. and what a treat it was! Lathered bodies sliding against each other .. rubbing, cleaning, probing .. and oh yes kissing .. lots of wet DFK. In fact, even before the shower, upon greeting me at the door, we stood in the hallway devouring each other until we both realized that the other girl in the appartment was probably wondering what the heck was going on! So we moved to the bedroom and continued exploring each other .. And then ... I take you back to the shower, where I swear we almost did it right there but we still had a few of our senses left so we wandered back into the bedroom to dry off .. Then more DFK .. rubbing .. probing .. Her quiet moans ... We pulled each other onto the bed and continued .. then as I lay on my back she climbed ontop gently grinding her knee into my crotch .. we kissed some more and then she worked those hot wet lips down my body .. my nipples .. stomach .. then teasing my cock my working the inside of my thigh .. on side .. then down my legs to my feet .. man, I have to admit I've never had a girl kiss my feet ;-) ... she took it in her soft mouth and I flew to heaven haha ... then up my leg and across to the inner thigh of the other side .. down the other leg and the same .. heaven .. She slid back up and pushed my legs up and started some sweet BLS then slid down for some rimming - yes we had a very thorough shower before hehe - .. man she hadnt even wrapped those lips of hers around my cock yet and I was already flying ... and now ... oh yes ... my little brother got a special treat as she lowered her hot mouth down onto him .. swallowing the whole shaft ... wow ... I could feel the head rubbing up against the back of her throat as she slowly sucked .. I mean ... fucked my cock ... I was craving to dine at those sweet shaven other lips of hers but she was a very horny one yesterday and asked her "do you want me to put on a condom now?" question .. i was ... ok! ok! ok! yup! yup! ... so she crawled over me to grap a glove and I got a chance to service that sweet ass of hers ... rimming her from behind .. this led to a short round of 69 .. but she wanted to fuck .. so fuck we did .. She climbed ontop and slid me into her ... we clamped each other into a tight embrace and I drilled from below ... eventually we ended up rolling over and we continued with a bit of miss... I couldnt help but pull out and tease her with some DATY .. I love those lips .. then back to more drilling from above ... and now for the greek ... a quick pause to lube - and I slid my happy cock into her ass .. and fucked her hard ... the harder I fucked the more she moaned with pleasure .. man, she does like it hard .. we continued this way for a while fucking and kissing .. then I pulled out, pulled off the glove and slid myself into her mouth and fucked her face .. gently at first but then she really got into her and let me go for broke ... I came and she let the cum drool out of her mouth onto her face and into her hand .. she doesnt swallow but she doesnt run off to spit in the sink either .. nice touch .. I cleaned her off .. I showered .. then she showered .. and I left a very happy man.

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Catherine may not be the best looker or the youngest but her services and attitude are among the best. She's always been a solid choice for me whenever I felt the itch.

Good location, good services, good time lol

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Review of Catherine

There is nothing bad to say about Catherine at all. I havw been seeing her for years and have a great time everytime I see her. I am a younger guy and have no problem having sex with a sexy fit older woman, I find it even more sexy when she works like a champ to always get that second shot out of me. Catherine!

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Yes, its the mature and well know Asian Catherine by 401/Yonge.

I've seen her more than once the past and her dedication and service does not change. She may not have the prettiest face but she's always fast and easy to book with and a pleasure to be with. Saw her last night, and I believe it was the best I have had with her so far. She's easy goig, eager to make sure you leave satisfied. Menu is wide and she's open to most things. Her donation is very reasonable and I don't have to drive far to see her, so those are bonuses

I've a short list of my other favorites too that I like to see every now and then and Catherine will certainly continue to be on that list. Unfortunately, the other list of those I wanna see is still long and it will take out a lot to go through it lol... damn you hobby!!

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