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Angel Monroe

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Angel Monroe

I was fortunate enough to have my first experience with Angel Monroe earlier this week and it was amazing!
It almost didn’t happen because I arrived quite late but she was accommodating and rescheduled for a little later that day – and I’m very happy that she did.
She definitely lived up to her stellar reputation service-wise and I thought she looked hotter in person than in her photos. In conversation, she’s intelligent and very sweet.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail but the main highlights were the sensual kissing, sloppy wet bbbj, intense CG, and of course the SQUIRTS! (one directly in my mouth ).

Just thinking about her now makes me want to book another session with her this week… but she’s heading out of town soon so I’ll have to wait until my next visit to Toronto.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Earth Angel Monroe

After much back and forth and a couple of missed connections, I finally got a chance to see the legendary Angel Monroe. I arrived at her room and this petite blonde haired vixen opens the door. Gentlemen, her hair is now short (mid neck) but she is still as beautiful as her pictures. Great boltons, and just oozing sex. She greeted me with a sumptuous kiss and immediately we were off to the races. We disrobed and DFK’d all the while. I had my hands deep inside her kitty. She told me she was really horny, I was speechless. It wasn’t long before she had her mouth around me and was providing one of the best BBBJ’s I have ever had. Then I put her on her back and began the squirting, not once, not twice, but five times. It was pretty amazing, twice with sex and thrice with digits. She wasn’t lying when she said she was horny.

We explored various positions and finally took my load in her mouth, as she looked upon me with those Angel eyes I know she doesn’t need my praise, but I would highly recommend this siren to anyone who likes the classic busty blonde with an appetite for sex and no pretension at all. We talked a bit after we were finished devouring each other. She is currently studying psychology and mentioned she has a book she has written about her life as an escort, but she will not release it until later. Definite repeat in the future.

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I had the life changing pleasure of booking Angel last week. I contacted via text and booked her for the same afternoon. I’m not much of a writer so the details will remain mine but I can confirm that she is a legit squirter and as a newbie to squirters, IT IS AWESOME! She is truly gorgeous, loves sex and really made me comfortable. If I can, I will continue to see Angel.

When I arrived she was stunning in a black see through outfit, picture perfect like her website. I barely had time to smile before she came in for a DFK right at the hotel room entrance. We quickly moved to the bed and continued making out like teenagers until she asked me to lose the suit. As I undressed, she took off most of what she had on and the make out session continued. I am a big fan of DATY so that was next and after a few minutes, she warned me that she was about to squirt. This girl orgasms like a bona fide superhero. Her body continued twitching while we began another round of DFK and she had this little giggle that made me feel like a hero. She flipped up and began BBBJ and after a bit I pulled her up for more DFK and then went on for another round of DATY…another eruption orgasm ending in squirting when I wrapped and finished my date off with DFK missionary with the most beautiful view of her face and body…I didn’t last long thereafter. There was no rush from her at all and we had a really insightful chat as I dressed and got back to my day.

Thank you Angel

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Angel Monroe...SOAKED!!

So after months of our travel schedules being misaligned, I finally had a chance to hookup with the very well-reviewed Angel. DDDDAAAAAAAMMMMNNNN.

A few notes – she looks a bit different than her pics. It must be the lighting, because I was expecting a soft, princessy type. She is NOT that. More like a hot punk chick, with some nice ink. She opened the door in a Britney Spears outfit – white shirt tucked over-under at the belly, and a short plaid skirt. Nice hug and kiss led to DFK. She told me to take a quick shower so we could get the party started.

We started with some kissing, and my fingers found their way to her pussy. She started writhing, and I thought she must be faking, then she SPRAYED all over. Like a gusher. It was amazing.

She started blowing me so well that I need to take a break. Went down on her then SPLOOSH – she lifted my head just in time cause she sprayed again!

On went the cover, and she started riding CG. It was crazy hot. As I’m getting into it she raised herself off, and SPLOOSHED all over my cock and balls. That, plus the fact I was just about to come anyways, led to shot # 1.

We cleaned up a bit, started cuddling and snuggling, then my hands started wandering – SWOOOSH, squirt #4. It was insane! Finished with a BBBJCIMSW.

It was awesome. I will definitely see her again.

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Angel Monroe Indy Review

I have always been captivated by the pictures.
Her reputation is well documented and her price well deserved.

To experience this angel is to cross over to another world of limitless carnal self-indulgence.
Above all else she is a very wise and intelligent girl that can make great company.

Angel is a short adorable little thing with huge bolt-ons and some curves.
She works out and has some muscle on them bones. Booty is round and padded for action.

Deep kissing action is enhanced by her full lips that also provide outstanding oral suction on the ding-dong.
Our session started standing and she made her way down to my chorizo to demonstrate some world class cock sucking.
Hands, no-hands, gagging sounds, eye-contact, spitting, stroking, ball massaging, BLS, shaft licking, more gagging… it was well rounded and great.

We got her panties off and she commented “that took a while” and I though to myself, I’ve been selfish. So I laid her back and dined on her tight sweet pussy.
She mentioned she was a squirter and I asked her if oral would do it. She said digits help so I gently licked and probed her tasty box. I got to my knees for more BBBJ and kept some digits in there.
She was very wet.

I got on top of her for some 69 and fucked her face and tea-bagged while dining on her.
My cock probed deep into her throat and she showed no sign of abating her attack from below.
I got to my knees and grabbed onto her shoulders and pulled her towards me as my shaft slid past her lips into her throat.

It was time to fuck some pussy. You can tell she loves sex and enjoys getting off. We started in standing doggy and I pounded away at her ass.
She likes some slapping. That’s not really my thing but I tried. I’m sure I will get better with practice.
We switched to slowdance and mish with some more DFK and that’s when she blasted her first spray.
I got the fuck out of the way and she projected her juices across the floor in the direction of the TV.
It was unreal! Her body quivered as she came to. I was just getting started.

We got into some more doggy. Her pussy was so wet and hot at this stage. I pounded away.
I needed to get her figure on top of me in Cow Girl.
This was a great feeling, having this hot curvy buxom water fountain on top of me.
We got a great rhythm going as she ground her pussy into me. I gripped onto her ass and pulled her in tight for some extra pressure only to have her release another explosive spray onto my abdomen.
Nothing like being marinated in Angel’s hot juices.

The final act was performed on her knees where she promised to take all of my hot cum in her mouth.
A stellar performance with both hands on my cock and balls coaxing me to unleash my load.
An extreme series of blasts were released, I fell back to the bed and she let my juices ooze out of her mouth onto her tits.

She has redefined the fountain of youth!

I highly recommend.

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